The Best Head-Up Display for Your Cars

When I first saw HUD (Head up Display), I felt like I was in “Interstellar crossing”. Although it has been in use for some time, the earliest HUD has been used on fighter jets. And since then the technology has been developed and used in consumer market.


While some car manufactures are starting to install HUD in their new cars, hundreds of millions of aftermarket users are waiting for the revamped system of human-car interaction. However, it is difficult to figure out which car’s HUD is best for you right now. Different types of display technology, different vehicle compatibility, and different vehicle connection modes … Figuring out each item requires expertise.


We have sorted out the TOP5 HUD in auto market and a comprehensive sourcing guide.Hoping to make you select the best Head Up Display.


1, Navdy -Global Star Products

Naudy-Head-up-Display The Best Head-Up Display  for Your Cars

Navdy is a well-deserved champion of the HUD industry in automobile after market. Its original hardware and software interactive system makes him a real giant. Of course, it is the most expensive product on our list. However, this is currently the best HUD.


Navdy special dedicated screen uses LED light . Obviously no other product on our list can compete with it’s high quality image display, high-definition and brightness. The only problem is that this screen-projection technique may not work for some people. But this is not a product problem, because different people react differently to the technology.


Even putting aside its unique imaging capabilities, it’s HUD information, connectivity, and interactive products that will make it invincible for a long period of time. Navdy can sync information via mobile phone Bluetooth. In addition, although it needs to use a dedicated application, but this mobile app can run in the background, you can still use the mobile phone.


Navdy uses numerous third-party applications or other programs, and this technology innovation makes it avoid the problems of Garmin. Navdy can even respond to voice and gesture commands. These interactive features allow you to answer calls, respond to text messages or micro-letters, and get navigation in real time.


-Rich connectivity and interactivity

-The official software is great, the interactivity and the speed are great.

-Convenient installation process friendly, customer service efficiency is high.


-The image is not projected onto the windshield, eye needs to focus when viewing the road and HUD

-The image has a limited visual angle, and if you offset it slightly, the image loses focus.

-Compatibility problems with hybrid and pure electric vehicles

2,Garmin -Best midrange Selection

Naudy-Head-up-Display The Best Head-Up Display  for Your Cars

Although Garmin cannot compete with Navdy on the richness of functionality and robustness, it offers a richer function than other reflective products. And it is much cheaper than Navdy. In fact, a navdy price is enough to buy three Garmin HUD.


However, the Garmin Company offers a unique feature: Garmin can use dedicated screens or projection membranes. While proprietary screens are no doubt better for image quality, smaller cars or people with lower-angle windshield slopes may look awkward, unsightly, or unsuitable when installing HUD and screens.  And the Garmin projection membrane solution solves this problem.

In addition, Garmin uses a proprietary application and does not have third-party applications feature for compatibility.  Garmin also completes the functionality via Bluetooth connectivity.

The biggest problem with Garmin is that the application stays on top of the phone. It means that if you get a phone call or check a text message, the HUD will be cut off. In addition, on-board GPs and Garmin navigation is often inconsistent, there may be have inaccurate navigation problems.


Pros :

– Only Garmin provides two modes of imaging

– The power adapter can also charge the connected cell phone

– Although simpler than Navdy, it also provides navigation capabilities


Cons :

-Although cheaper than Navdy, but more expensive than the other rivals, and lack of exclusive advantage

-Mobile app will take up the screen, unable to use call, SMS function.

-Directional information is not necessary but must be obtained via app

3, Echoman em03b- A low price trial option

Naudy-Head-up-Display The Best Head-Up Display  for Your Cars

Echoman also has a unique feature in the list. It uses a relatively simple reflection screen .  The screen  can not compare to the above 2 giants , while the projection scheme has all the drawbacks are unavoidable. However, many users find it possible to put opaque membranes on the back of the screen, and these problems are completely solved.

However, Echoman has a number of more serious problems: poor design. A large amount of information is displayed on the display. In fact, this echoman is the only one that shows your altitude. This is important in areas with many mountain paths, such as Japan . However, altitude display and compass function doesn’t work well . they will repeatedly reset themselves.

It also has a serious problem that reflects hysteresis, which usually takes 1-3 seconds to respond after you speed up or slow down. It’s a problem in a city with complex roads.


Pros :

-Only provide altitude information

-The power adapter can also charge the connected cell phone

-Although simpler than Navdy, it also provides navigation capabilities


Cons :

-Display interface design is rough, lack of appeal and the logic of information presentation

-The information displayed has a delay, especially when the speedometer feels obvious.

-The compass and the elevation meter often reset themselves

4, Arpenkin X5- Cheap Experience Choice

Naudy-Head-up-Display The Best Head-Up Display  for Your Cars

This is a very simple HUD.  The screen will be a carousel, although it is tedious and boring. and  staring at the screen will let you deviate from the road. It  is a double-edged sword. It will put you in danger. Compared to other products, it is a cheap head-up display, which is projecting information onto the windshield, but there are many common drawbacks to HUD.

If it is daytime, especially when the window is on the sun, the information on the screen is completely invisible. And now the polarizing glass technology used by the front-block glass will make the image split in half.

Pros :

-This is the cheapest

-The alarms are numerous and easy to define

-Information is organized, not disorganized.

Cons :

-The screen is the smallest

-Film projection quality depends on the sun

-Too little information.

5,Zxline A8 -Screen Maximum HUD

Naudy-Head-up-Display The Best Head-Up Display  for Your Cars

It may be the best alternative to Navdy and Garmin, but unfortunately this device can only be fitted with newer models. If your car is a 7-year-old car, the device may not work at all.

Of course, if your car is relatively new, and do not want to waste a lot of money, then this is definitely your best choice. So you need to weigh your budget and make a choice before buying . Overall, Zxline’s screen performance is still good, although it also has a common projection problem. Finally , the  image of the effect  will depend by  the weather.  However, all the information on the screen  is stacked together. It uses the color information as far as possible to express different functions.

Pros :

-5.5 inches is obviously the biggest screen.

-Projection film eliminates dual image problems

-It’s a bit messy, but color can help you identify information quickly


Cons :

-The Sun determines the final display of the screen.

-The direction is easy to dress poorly, making the imaging difficult

-Face the most serious compatibility problem



If money is not a problem, Navdy is the only option that can provide a complete set of modern design experience. In addition to impressive dedicated large screen, it also provides more driving information than other products on our list. Of course, this is connected to Navdy with your smartphone, using a third-party application. But it achieves the feat of controlling HUD with smart phones through gestures.

Outside Navdy, Garmin offers a decent product and a more affordable price, although the smartphone’s functionality is greatly compromised. Arpenkin is also a good choice.

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