Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Whether you love to repair your car, or you are a skilled mechanic, one is for sure – you need to buy an OBD2 scanner.

Thanks to this handy device, you will know when there is something wrong with your car. In here, you will learn a thing or two about these obd2 code reader, to get a clearer picture of what they have to offer.

You will also read about the best OBD2 scanner on the market. Thus you can easily choose the best professional obd2 scanner tool for your needs.

What is an OBD2 scanner?

OBD2 refers to Onboard Diagnostics, second generation. It is a device used for reading and clearing codes in trucks and cars (that were manufactured after 1996), by way of using the code designations, communication protocols, and connectors.

Meaning, this device can give you access to plenty of information related to your car and will also tell you when a problem appears.

How To Use OBD2 Scanner?

There are two types of these scanners – an essential OBD2 code reader and an advanced scan tool.

As the name implies, basic OBD2 code readers are only used for essential functions, such as reading and clearing codes. On the other hand, advanced scan tools are capable of providing full knowledge bases, viewing live data, viewing recorded data, and will also give you access to many tests.

When opting for a particular type, it is essential to be true to yourself. Meaning, think about what indeed you want AND need. In case you don’t plan to use obd2 scanners so often, then maybe you should not buy it at all because you can check codes and other needed information on the Internet.

However, if you are severe and you are going to use obd2 scanners daily, we suggest you go with an advanced device, such as an OBD2 scan code for Android devices, since it is capable of doing much more than just reading codes.

What Is The Best OBD2 Scanner on The Market?

1, Topdon ABS/SRS Scanner Universal CAN OBD2 Scanner

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Our top pick is naturally the best OBD2 scanner that you can get at this price tag. This device is all you need to determine what your car needs. The scanner comes with a plethora of features. Thus it is capable of data streaming, viewing freeze frame data, resetting monitors, reading and clearing DTCs, and much more.

In addition to all this, this unit is a breeze to use. Also, the menu is multilingual, so you get info in French, English, and Spanish. This device is designed for reading and clearing ABS/SRS for 24 models, such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, PORSCHE, AUDI, BENZ, HONDA, VW, KIA, LEXUS, etc.

Best of all, you can always contact the customer service, should you have any questions. However, a slight concern is that the monitor is not easy to read in the sunlight.


-Easy to use

-Can stream data, view freeze frame data, reset monitors, read and clear codes

-Can turn off MIL as well as SRS/ABS warning lights

-Multilingual menu (French, English, Spanish)

-Can be used on 24 vehicle types

-Excellent customer service


-You can’t check the readings on the display when you are outside

Customer ratings: 4.6/5

2,  Launch CReader 9081 Car Code Reader Reset Tool OBDII Diagnostic Scanner

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Our second model comes with many features. Therefore its higher price does not surprise us. This OBD2 scanner tool is an excellent choice for mechanics who need a reliable device to make their work a whole lot easier.

This is one versatile scan tool as it comes with 11 reset functions and also works as a car maintenance tool. It is fast and accurate and will provide quick info on the problems your car has. What you will appreciate about this device is free to upgrade. You just need to go to the manufacturer’s site, where you can update the unit for the best performance. Also, the unit is easy to use and supports five languages.


-Full OBD function

-11 reset functions including battery management system, Electrical parking brake, steering angle sensor, diesel particulate filter, and TPMS reset

-Works on even 46 car models

-Free software upgrades

-Supports English, Spanish, French, Russian and German

-Scans swiftly

-Clears codes


 -A bit pricey

Customer Rating – 4.5/5

3, BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for iPhone, iPad & Android

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

If you’re looking to buy a top-notch OBD2 scanner Bluetooth for iPhone, this is the way to go. Here we have a powerful device that connects to iPhone and Android devices in seconds.

This Bluetooth scanner offers a lot of conveniences, as it has the Blue Driver App and Blue Driver sensor. Meaning, you get access to free app updates, and you can save data, as well as read codes. Now, the downfall is that it doesn’t perform so great with Japanese cars.


-Certified for both Android and Apple devices

-The connection is fast and simple

-Offers access to apps for so you can use all of the great features of this unit

-You can save data to print them later

-Reads codes

-Provides access to free repair reports on specific vehicles


 -Not a good choice for Japanese cars

Customer ratings: 4.5/5

4, Launch CReader 6011 Code Reader OBDII/EOBD Diagnostic Scanner

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

The Launch CReader can read and clear codes on transmission, engine, ABS, and SRS. This makes it one of the best code readers on the market. Also, the device will view freeze-frame data and support 10 test modes of OBD2, thanks to an Enhanced OBDii Mode 6.

What we love about this unit is that the software update is fast and easy. Also, the customer service is great. However, this OBD2 code scanner device has to be connected to the DLC. Because of that, be prepared for a slower response when reading data.


-Reads and clears codes on engine, ABS, transmission, and SRS

-Supports 10 test modes of OBD2

-User-friendly hotkeys

-Easy-to-read display

-Capable of detecting freeze-frame data

-Great customer service

-The software can be easily updated

-Can be used for 46 car models


-Reading data will take longer

Customer ratings: 4.6/5

5, Autel AL619 AutoLink ABS/Air Bag + OBDII Scan Tool

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

The Autel AL619 does easy work of diagnosing ABS/SRS codes on most cars that were manufactured after 1996, as well as on many newer models. This device will discover much about your vehicle and can recover generic, pending, and manufacturer codes.

Unlike previous models, this one is not so simple to use, due to a confusing menu. However, it is affordable, so you should be more than happy with what it offers you.


-Ideal for newer cars as well as for models made back in 1997

– Can recover generic, pending and manufacturer codes

-Reads ABS/SRS codes

-Accurately reads the live PCM data stream



-A confusing menu

Customer ratings: 4.2/5

6, Innova 3160g Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

This Bluetooth obd scan tool has an anti-lock braking system program (ABS), which is meant to speed up how the braking program works. The hydraulic program enhances it further. It is also produced to work with a mixture of many sensors that enable the OBD2 coding simpler.

A safety/ supplement restraint program (SRS) is most common within the airbag. The program, if fitted, activates itself and is capable of warning the automobile occupants if there is a mistake. It is generally in the type of light sensor. When it blinks, the engine program is faulty and requires some actions.

It offers a unique coding feature, which makes it compatible with several models of vehicles varying from the newer versions of the OBD2 Bluetooth scanners to the older models.

A live data relay program made feasible by the enabled improvements through the culture for automotive engineers (SAE). This assists the technician to be capable of obtaining the data quickly and in the procedure, be capable of taking action on the areas where there is a fault.

The Innova 3160 series has gone through many variations and is tested by professional mechanics. The 3160g is the best Bluetooth obd2 scanner and a competitor for the best car code reader for the cash. If you are devoted to the Innova brand, this is the one to go for out of all of the 3160 variants.

Pros :

-Engine administration light diagnostic and removal

-Erase error codes (including ABS& SRS)

-Reset oil lights and battery maintenance

-Stream and record live data


-It doesn’t get RS Android App “uploaded” diagnostic.

-Sometimes it doesn’t connect to Bluetooth

7, AD510 Professional OBD2 scanner from ANCEL

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Ancel’s AD 510 is designed to support all the models of OBD2 to facilitate a complete diagnostic. Furthermore, it can be updated online.

The model enjoys an exclusive feature that helps you determine whether your vehicle is close to an emission test. It also checks the drive routinely besides.

AD 510 automatically checks and notifies the cause for the engine light to be on. The device also regains generic and produce specific codes for accurate malfunction detection.

A good OBD2 scanner not just rescues the trouble codes but also suggests possible rectification procedures at the same time. And AD 510 does that extremely efficiently and therefore saves significant time and work.

The device monitors the engine system continuously and reports anomaly if any. In this way, it assists in keeping up the ideal efficiency of the automobile.

Pros :

-Offers memory backup facility

-Allows data printing through Computer

-Supports and interprets chart data-

Cons :

-The external casing seems to require some modification.

8, Actron CP9670 Car Scanner  

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

An extremely rated OBDII scan tool needs to become something anyone can make use of, and the Actron CP9670 fills the bill. Replacing the well-known CP9575, it comes with a much-improved colour LCD display.

It automatically reads the VIN, makes, and model on automobiles produced since 2000, conserving you time and preventing common consumer errors. Even if you’re not a mechanic yourself, this device will inform you why your engine light is on and could prevent unscrupulous car shops from taking advantage of you.

One of the most helpful features, apart from working since well as you’d obtain from an expensive car store, is that the readout is available in three different languages to accommodate those who don’t speak English as their native tongue. This obd2 code scanner model will read and check visible ABS codes but not SRS.

Pros :

-It is excellent for pulling engine codes, as well as looking at data in actual time.

-Scans the codes and erases them easily

-Live Data allows you to look at vehicle sensor and relay inputs in real-time

Cons :

-Its has a clumsy, nonintuitive interface

-The Mini cable is not extremely common and hard to get locally.

9, Actron CP9690 Trilingual Auto scanner   

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Best-Obdii-Scan-Topdon Top 9 Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews in 2020

Actron brand has a huge series of diagnostic equipment obtainable from budget to mid-range with the subsequent equipment is CP9690. The unique selling point of this obd2 code scanner tool is that it includes the vehicle OBD 1 with a variety of connectors and cables in the package

Actron is similar to Innova 3160g in the compact design to which they are all competing with each other. Nevertheless, Actron may lack a bit of feature but the capability to diagnose vehicles OBD 1, leading to it to become more attractive for holders of both the traditional and modern cars.

Pros :

-Powertrain and ABS coverage

-Automobile identification

-Battery program monitor

-Battery and oil light reset

Cons :

-It did not work with GM 2500 HD 6.6 Truck

-It did not examine the SRS code


And that’s it – now you know what an OBD2 scan tool is, and which ones are the best OBD2 scanner right now.

So, take some time to think about what you want out of a car diagnostic scanner to make the best decision possible.

With this convenient device by your side, you will be able to do minor fixes on your car or your truck on your own.

This means that in the long run, this device is a worthy investment.

When you find your best professional automotive diagnostic scanners in the market, you also need to know how to use it.

We will write a particular article about what the obd port is used for.



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