Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

When you’re in a rush to get to work or a scheduled appointment, there are a couple of things more frustrating than finding out your vehicle won’t start. In most cases, it’s a dead battery that’s keeping your car from getting you where you need to be. No matter how much you pay for your vehicle, the battery usually has to be replaced at least on time through the car’s lifetime — therefore it’s a good idea to be prepared. You shouldn’t wait until your car refuses to start before shopping around for a fresh battery.

However, many car owners don’t know very well what to look for when it comes to buying a new electric car battery. There are different types and sizes to consider, as well as factors like CA and CCA ratings, that are key to selecting the best car battery for your vehicle.

At Autospore, we buy all our own products, which means our reviews are completely unbiased. We also carry out field research and check with professionals like Kevin, who has over 30 years of experience in the auto industry, so we are able to pass along all of the info you need to make an educated purchasing decision. If you’re ready to buy a car battery, have a look at the product list below for our best recommendations. For general details on shopping for a battery,  read on our shopping guide.

Get to Know About Basic Car Battery Types

Before jumping into the car battery reviews, educate yourself with their types, that will come handy when you’’ll be shopping for the best car battery.

The batteries could possibly be broadly categorized into two groupings – maintenance-free battery and the high-tech absorbed glass mat (AGM). Each kind comes with their own unique benefits, which you ought to know about before making any decision.

1. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are assembled in more cars due to its excellent abilities and smart features. In comparison to standard auto batteries, AGM batteries have the ability to better stand up to recharging cycles and repeated draining. AGM batteries have intelligent features like electronic security, convenience features, fuel-saving stop-start systems and power outlets for mobile electronic devices.

To get an AGM battery, you need to pay about 50% to 100% than normal batteries like lead-acid battery. Consider that in case you are a type of people who often leave their car for an extended period of time and the car batteries loses its charge, buying an AGM battery is a wise choice for you.

The reason is that AGM batteries are made to better tolerate a deep discharge and so are more likely to recover fully. 

2. Lead – Acid Battery (Regular)

Lead- Acid batteries are widely used and familiar nowadays. To utilize the battery type, drivers have to fill up the water in the electrolyte solution periodically as the energy source of the battery is the liquid inside it. With the lightning speed of technology, new lead-acid batteries do not require more water like the original flooded cell ones. The brand new ones are produced to maintain their fluid for the battery life and their caps aren’t designed to be disconnected.

The expense of a lead-acid battery is significantly cheaper than the cost of an AGM battery so that is the reason why lead-acid batteries are widely used. But there are some things you should notice that lead-acid batteries cannot keep a charge for long and they have a low capability to tolerate a deep discharge.

 Top 10 Best Car Battery Brand

 1, XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt

 XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

The XS Power D3400 XS is an extremely little yet efficient automotive battery.Its build quality and excellent sealing make it completely spill proof and vibration resistant. Absorbed Glass Mat (electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass). The inner resistance was specially designed to the ultra-low while its low profile enables it to be mounted in nearly every position.


· A powerhouse battery that is suitable for race cars,luxury vehicles and everything in between.

 Cons :

· On the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

 2, Odyssey PC680 Battery

 XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

This reliable car battery is built to protect from any shock and vibration that could otherwise quickly destroy other batteries. The pure lead plates on this battery provide it more power along with twice the overall power and three times the life in comparison to other traditional batteries. This battery also features up to 400 cycles at an 80 percent depth of discharge. The car battery’s heavy-duty style eliminates the possibility of acid spills and allows the battery to resist corrosion. The car battery also offers high conductivity and long-lasting service life of 3 to 10 years. The battery is priced at about $112, which we discover reasonable for a car battery with this many features. If this car battery is compatible together with your vehicle, then we strongly suggest it!

 Pros : 

· A reputable,low-cost deep-cycle battery.

· Works well in electric vehicles. 

· Withstands extreme temps.

Cons : 

· Does not come with terminals or terminal hardware.

 3, Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

 XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

With regards to car batteries, you can expect to start to see the optima brand make more than one appearance upon this list. Back for a third round, the Optima brand provides forth another top quality battery. The Optima 8040 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery is ready to serve a wide range of vehicles using its reliable features. This car battery differs from the prior optima batteries we reviewed in that it can also be used with other, heavy-duty types of vehicles as well as electronic devices which includes: Trucks with winches, vehicles with high-demand electronics and audio systems, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment.


· Superior starting power and long-term energy.Fast recharge rate of 4-6 hours.

· The size of the battery is small which is detrimental to its compact design

· It has a plastic body which is thick and very durable


· Sporadic ,anecdotal evidence of battery life that lasts less than one year .

 4, Kinetik KHC2400 2400-Watt 12-Vault Power Cell

 XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

Providing a system power of 2400 watts, you will love this car battery. Kinetik is definitely not being the most common car batteries. If you wish to have an excellently performing car battery, try it out. Kinetik is one of the car batteries with  extraordinary performance and an incredible lifespan. Getting a car battery that may stay for over 4 years isn’t easy nowadays. For that reason, this car battery is fairly reliable. The sizes also make it quite convenient since it can fits in the designated position in your vehicle perfectly. Spill-proof, it eliminates chances of any hazardous reactions that could yield unfriendly repercussions.

 Pros : 

· A powerful battery of lightweight construction that is suitable for all types of vehicles

Cons :

· An expensive AGM battery that needs to be routinely charged for optimal performance .

 5, ACDelco 94RAGM Automotive Battery

 XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

Another battery in the list of best-rated car batteries is definitely ACDelco 94RAGm. This battery has high-density negative paste which really helps to enhance overall battery life and performance. Additionally, ACDelco 94RAGM was created with enhanced life alloys and silver calcium for enhancing performance and cycle life purposes.  It is also a pressure tested and sealed battery with vent caps to avoid any type of leaks and intense shock.

It is notable for about 80 AMP hours of energy and an impressive 800 chilly cranking AMPS. Therefore, this cool battery is ideal for every type of vehicles, from heavy trucks to sports vehicles. Its excellent cold cranking AMPs not only helps the battery work very well in regular conditions but really also helps to turn over in a harsh environment without the trouble.

Pros :

· High-density negative paste, helps increase overall lifespan and performance

· Vent caps design,avoids acid leakage

· Calcium Lead positive grid,enables for low resistance, heightens conductivity.

· Enhanced life alloy/ Silver calcium stamped alloy, extends cycle life and enhances performance


· Do not have the capacity to operate BMW cars

 6, DieHard 38188 GP 34R AGM

XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019


Diehard batteries have specific unique features, such as 20 times more efficient vibration protection system which protects the battery life along with the performance. Furthermore, the diehard battery has 2 times the cycle life which can enhance the efficiency and increase the lifestyle of the battery compared to the conventionally used lead-acid batteries. This battery will come in a spill-proof body and the protective design provides a safeguard to the delicate electronic equipment. It is also equipped with the optimized power full frame negative and positive terminals. These can efficiently prevent the damage to the user and also the battery from the electric shocks.

Furthermore, the battery includes a specially designed electrolyte suspension system. This system can serve as an effective protection of the internal components of the battery by absorbing any extra electrolyte.

The outside body also has added insulation. This keeps the battery from being influenced by any possible shakes or shifts that may develop within the battery unit.

Pros :

· Simple design for protection

· Adds a strong surface for most uses

· Starts up faster

Cons : 

· Not appropriate for use in some larger vehicles

 7,  Kinetik HC600 – Works For Audio Systems and More

XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

The Kinetik HC600 is a 12-volt model that provides more than 800 amps at the same time. The battery really does well with powering up many automobiles, but this model does exceptionally well with vehicles which have lots of outside materials. These include vehicles with large audio systems which have been installed in their bodies.

Fiberglass mat separators are included around each cell. The separators absorb content and create a sturdy body for most uses and should not really be overly complicated.

This all includes a low discharge rating and a higher vibration resistance level. These features add a stronger approach to handling your articles. This will be useful if you want to keep your automobile sturdy and strong.


· Works for most audio systems

· Adds a high energy density level

· Can be used in smaller vehicles as well

Cons :

·The terminals are hard to clean off

 8, VMAX857 AGM Battery | Best Bang for the Buck

XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019


When talking about the best-rated car batteries, we have to mention the VMAX857 AGM Battery. The excellent features of this battery are the reason makes it popular among its users. Using a VMAX857, you can experience excellent functions like heavy duty grids, SLA and AGM technology, vibration and shock resistant and fully free of maintenance. Moreover, VMAX857 is also a non-spillable and non-hazardous battery. It has sizes L=7.7″ W=5″ H=6.1″ and it weighs only 25 pounds, therefore, it is extremely small and easily transportable.

It is also a best deep cycle battery with strong capability to recover after repeated deep discharges, which makes them is a preferred selection for automobiles and small boats.


· Heavy duty VMAX grids providing better performance over a longer time

· Compact and lightweight vs competitors

· Easy to carry


· Not to be used for cranking purposes

 9, ACDelco ACDB24R AGM – Small in size


XS-Power-Batteries Top 9 Best Car Batteries Reviews in 2019

The ACDelco ACDB24R is a small battery that’s the best fit for smaller cars. A genuine high-quality AGM battery that’s absolutely maintenance free.

This battery offers several features which make it stand out compared to others. There exists  a gas regulation valve provided in it based on recombinant technology. The cycle life of the battery due to this is usually  improved three folds in comparison  to other traditional vehicle batteries that are found in the conventional vehicle applications.

You get a 2 years free replacement warranty in case you are unhappy with the battery. The battery is usually using smaller battery terminals which are generally fitted with Asian vehicles. Make sure that you are using the same terminals before purchase. A really price-worth battery if you are searching for a small battery for your vehicle.


· It makes use of valve-regulated gas recombinant technology that helps extend the battery’s lifecycle to up to three times that of regular batteries

· The battery utilizes full-frame power path grids that ensure a higher cranking amp amount combined with reduced self-discharge rates

· It is completely leak-proof thanks to a pressurized valve system

Cons : 

· Terminals are not SAE standard size



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