Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019

If you’re looking for a safer and more efficient way to change tires, oil, or really, to do any other kind of work on your car, you will need a best floor jack.

With a sturdy and high-quality floor jack, everything will be much faster, easier and safer of course. However, knowing which one to buy is quite a pain, with all the models being on the market.

That being said, this article is the right place for you, to help you choose the best floor jack for your needs, according to your budget. So, let’s get to work and dive into the world of floor jacks.

What is a Floor Jack Anyway?

In case you don’t know what this thing actually is, here’s an explanation. A floor jack (also known as an auto jack, a car jack, and a garage jack) is a mechanical device designed for lifting heavy loads.

For example, you can use it to lift the car when changing brakes, tires, etc. There are three types of floor jacks: hydraulic floor jack, scissor jack, and bottle jack. Naturally, they all have pros and cons, so you will have to choose according to what you need. But here’s an overview of the types, to help you get a better picture:

Hydraulic floor jack

This is a much-loved model, as it is easy to use and offers great performance. These models can lift the car higher off the floor than other two models. It is constructed in such a way that allows for eliminating jack lean and because of that, it is much safer. However, this floor jack is a bit pricey.

Bottle jack

A bottle jack also uses concentric cylinders and the hydraulic pressure in order to work. This type is well known for its small footprint, making it ideal for working in a small garage. However, a bottle jack is definitely not a good choice for lowered cars, due to its high free height. They are mostly used for trucks.

Scissor jack

This type is compact and as such is not designed to handle the big weight/load and provide many height adjustments. These jacks are ideal for replacing a tire on the go because they are lightweight and don’t take up much space, so you can place it in your car and take it with you wherever you go.

Buying Guide: How to Buy a Best Floor Jack 

There are some things to remember when searching a car floor jack. Eventhough that your friend recommends the jack he’s been using for a long time on his Ford Raptor. That special model may be worthless for your own Benz. Here are a few of the key selling factors you need to pay the attention:

Lift Capacity

This is probably the first thing you need to pay attention to, and the most meaningful thing.Generally based on ton, 2 ton and 3 ton floor jacks are the most common.You have to make sure that the maximum weight the jack can carry exceeds the weight you must lift.

Remember, you don’t usually put the weight of the entire car on the jack, because you only lift one corner.If you plan to lift somewhere under the engine, that’s 50% or 60% of the car’s weight.

Generally speaking, 2 ton floor jack is usually used for small and medium-sized cars (small cars, sports cars, economy mid-size cars), while 3 ton floor jack is best for medium and full-size cars, as well as most trucks and vans.If you are unsure of the weight you need, we suggest you choose a 3 ton floor jack.If you have a heavy vehicle like a Ford F-550, you may need a 4-ton hydraulic floor jack.


You can see that floor jack is made of steel, aluminum, or a combined mix of both. Metal are common and generally cheaper than aluminum model. Its biggest disadvantages are that it’s a lot heavier, less portable. The aluminum jacks are definitely what all car owners want because it is simple and strong but lighter and more portable.

The negative side is that you often pay a premium.Both options are fine, but if you are also considering using a monitor or drag bar, you will definitely choose a lighter model, preferably an aluminum jack.

Minimum Clearan Height

In the past, floor jacks have typical profile. Now, with so many vehicles having low clearance (whether factory or aftermarket specifications), low profile floor jacks are becoming more and more popular. Some models right now require significantly less than 3 inches of floor clearance to operate.

Obviously, some vehicles, such as sports cars or racing cars, sit lower than others.Compared with the owner of a Honda Civic, the owner of a Corvette C6 has fewer floor jacks to choose from.You have to make sure that the model you choose will fit your car.

Maximum Lift Height

This refers to the height at which the lift arm lifts your car to the highest point.Most high-quality jacks have a height of up to 18-20 inches maximum.In contrast, a typical scissor jack can lift a car up to 15 inches.These 3-5 inches height can make a big difference.

Lift Speed

The lifting speed of the floor jack is measured by the number of pumps required to reach the maximum lifting height.No matter which jack you choose, you can count on it to be faster than a screw jack.Most floor jacks seem to require 12-18 strokes to reach full height.

Some models publicity “rapid lift program” that usually use of two cylinders to lift and it takes 5-6 strokes to complete the height. In most cases, the people who need to manage the pumps more need the lease effort. However, the differences are usually negligible.

What Is The Best Floor Jack to Buy?

1.Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Floor Jack Capacity

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


The Arcan floor jack is without a doubt, the best floor jack that money can buy. We all know that Arcan is one of the bests, so this model is worth every penny, even though it’s a bit more expensive.

It has a 3 ton floor jack capacity but despite that, this unit is much lighter (compared to other floor jacks of this size and weight) while the casters make it easier to maneuver and store. Made of high-quality aluminum, this unit is sturdy and provides greater safety.

Due to the reinforced lift arm, the jack is more durable and allows for better control over the unit. In addition, dual pump pistons allow for fast rising, which is a nice little feature.

2.NOS NSJ0301 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking to buy a high-quality low profile floor jack, then this is the way to go.

The Survex NOS is a 3 ton floor jack and is very powerful. Meaning, you can use it for lifting different vehicles, from trucks to sports cars since you won’t have a problem with slipping it off under lowered cars.

The safety valve ensures that you don’t put too much weight on the jack. Thanks to the side handle, you will move the unit much easier.

3.Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack – 2 Ton Floor Jack Capacity

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


Here we have another jack coming from Arcan, only this is a 2 ton floor jack and is much less expensive. Thanks to its compact design, this Arcan floor jack will easily fit into your truck, so you can have it by your side in the case of an emergency.

A Dual pump is perfect for fast rising, and the safety valve makes sure that there won’t be overloading. The unit is in accordance with the ASME PALD 2009 standard, which only backs up its high quality and safety.

4.Pittsburgh 3 Ton Profile Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


This is another 3 ton  floor jack that offers great performance. First, Pittsburgh 3 ton floor jack comes with extra-wide casters to give better stability. Then, a universal joint release makes an easy work of controlling load in various positions. In addition, the unit is low profile, so you can easily use it with sports cars.

Not only that, but the dual parallel pump system is more powerful than other system, using fewer pumps. Finally, this unit comes with a steel handle and is equipped with foam so as to protect your car form getting damaged.

5.Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum 2 Ton Floor Jack

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


We started this list with Arcan, and we will end it. Our last model is a hydraulic floor jack that complies with ASME/ANSI and PALD standards.

Much like other Arcan Floor Jack models, this one is also aluminum floor jack, therefore it is sturdy and extremely durable. Here we have a 2-ton capacity model that weighs 50.4 pounds, and comes with casters for easy transport.

What also adds up to easier transport is a sturdy handle. Thanks to the convenient and smart design of the unit, you will easily store it, so no need to worry about that.

6, Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Floor Jack 

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


Powerzone is a 3 ton aluminum floor jack that could look great in anyone’s garage. As the lightweight aluminum framework saves some weight, the heavy duty steel lift arm together with the remaining made-to-last structure make the 380044 weigh in at only under 60 pounds.

This aluminum/steel hybrid model offers you the same portability and simplicity as an aluminum jack but at a lower price.

Lift range is from a minimal 4 inches all the way to 18-1/4 inches. The long handle and dual hydraulics mean you can jack your vehicle up nearly effortlessly in about 6 pumps. Give the handle a sluggish twist to bring it back off slow and smooth with an easily controlled decent.

If you’re considering obtaining a Craftsman from Sears, save some money and get yourself a lighter, better, and stronger garage floor jack instead. As the 4″  minimal lift height could be fine {for some cars, you may want to instead consider the Arcan above or another low profile floor jack when you have an extremely low profile car.

7,Torin T83002 Pro Series 6000 Heavy Duty Floor Jack

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


On a spending budget, don’t have a lowered vehicle but still, want a decent quality Jack? Well the Torin T83002 Pro Series 600 can be an inexpensive Jack that won’t enableyou to down.

We included this Jack since it is thecheapest Jack we are able to in great conscience recommend. Whilst preferably we would recommend you consider the slightly more expensive Powerzone Jack examined below, we recognize that occasionally the budgets only stretch up to now and as a result we made a decision toinclude it in our floor jack reviews.

The Torin Jack does boast 3 Ton in lifting power, often cheaper jacks are just around the 2 Ton range.

With as minimal lift selection of 5.12 ins . you can observe its not ideally fitted to cars which have been lowered or a whole lot of sports vehicles in the marketplace available. It does have a little over 20 ins. of max lift range, which, without the best lift of our Jack review, is adequate for some people’s vehicles and requirements.

Like every item we have reviewed there is overload safety to make sure} you can’t utilize the Jack on over capacity weights.

If you’re on an extremely tight spending budget this is actually the betsfloor jack for you, top quality at a bargain cost.

8, Powerbuilt 3 Ton All in One Bottle Floor Jack

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


Once you want maximum efficiency with regards to lifting requirements, you can always choose to purchase the Powerbuilt 3 Ton All in One Bottle Floor Jack. The jack will come in a patented style that combines a bottle jack and a jack stand all come up with in one unit.

The jack also has a safety lever lock that locks you to the required working height.You will find that this jack also has a wide steel bottom that provides maximum balance while limiting weight below.The jack’s lifting range is 11-21 inches, which provides maximum efficiency.

9,Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack

Best-Floor-Jack-Arcan-ALJ35-1 Top 9 Best Floor Jacks Reviews in 2019


Once you want high efficiency in lifting your automobile to change the tire, you can always utilize the Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack that provides a 3.5-tonne capacity. The jack has an efficient lifting capability as high as 14 inches where additionally it is a low profile jack that provides maximum lifting must low profile cars.

The jack has a patented bypass device that ensures maximum protection against over-pumping to ensure safe operations to the user It’s also a heavy steel construction floor jack hence assuring the mandatory stability and long-lasting as the metal is durable and heavy duty

Important Jack Accessories 

Jack Stands

No matter how heavy your floor jacks are, there is always a chance that they will fail.You can’t do anything under the car unless there is some kind of structural support.It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a Jeep Cherokee or a Chevrolet Silverado. If the lift fails, you will be over.

The most common method to provide this support is a good set of jack stands. Spend particular focus on their stability, minimum height and maximum weight capability. 

Wheel Chocks

The wheel chock is just a simple wedge, you put it behind the tire, and on the opposite side (front or back), you are lifting.They act as insurance to keep your car rolling if the other end is raised.In fact, some of the best wheel chocks cost only $20. Therefore, there is no reason not to buy one.

It may be beneficial to set up emergency braking when lifting the front wheels, but it is important to use wheel chocks on both sides of the front wheels because emergency braking is usually on the rear wheels.Otherwise, the front wheels may roll and bad things may happen.

Car Ramps

Car ramps can frequently be used in place of a floor jack when you wish to quickly raise one end of the automobile. The convenience is excellent but since the tires are supported by the ramps, you won’t have the ability to perform many common jobs such as for example changing brake pads, bleeding your brakes, or rotating your tires.

Since ramps become a solid support, you don’t have to use jack stands with them however the usage of wheel chocks continues to be very important. Automobile ramps certainly are a great choice for something similar to an oil change. Make sure to always utilize wheel chocks along with them.

Portable Air Compressor

Whether you focus on your vehicle or let another person do it, every new driver should have an excellent portable air flow compressor for car tires. As technology and production processes improve, prices decrease. Sure you can spend a dollar at the gas station every time to make use of their compressor but why become inconvenienced?

Even a cheap $20 12V compressor that you plug into your car’s cigarette adapter can pay for itself in a couple of months. For a lot more flexibility, get yourself a slightly bigger Viair or perhaps a pancake compressor to help with other duties around the house.

Mechanics Creeper

Often called a car crawler, it is a comfortable and safe product.If you think lying on a concrete floor or cardboard is the only way to change the engine oil, then you are wrong. Mechanical crawlers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they all have the basic premise that you can easily lie on a minimal “sleigh” and move quickly over several tires on the bottom of the creeper.

Although no research is available, we believe that this product will greatly reduce the “frustration” type of injury, for example, when you twist a stuck bolt in an uncomfortable position.

Transmission Jack/Adaptor

This could be considered a professional tool that many people don’t need. However, if you have ever tried to remove or reinstall the transmission, you will know the “interesting” amount. So there is good reason why professional mechanics charge a lot of labor for gearbox maintenance.

If you are sure this is what you want, you can save a lot of money by giving up the transmission yourself (in fact, if the professionals end up actually supporting the transmission).Using a transmission jack or transmission adapter that connects to your current floor jack can make  this job safer and easier .

Final Thoughts

And here you have it – the basic things to know about floor jacks and which ones are considered the bests currently.

We hope that this article helped you choose just what you need, so as to do the work around your car safely and efficiently. Whichever model you opt for, you will be happy, because all the models provide great value for the money.

In fine it is extremely vital that you review, research and then buy floor jacks. After the right one has been bought, they are able to help a whole lot in giving the proper services for an extended period of time.

If you have an automobile then you do require about its maintenance at all times, and a very important thing you have to concentrate on is its condition. Obviously, you will need the best floor jack for many reasons.

Many times , an automobile can have a lot of problems because it must cope with temperature shifts and various other similar issues, problems that in time can result in a lot of issues you will possibly not want to encounter.

The same could be said when you want to lift a heavy tool or a home.  Regardless of what kind of heavy lifting you have to make, the floor jack can certainly help you complete the job and the restoration performed in time which is essential.

Even if their name is comparable, the truth is that usage does differ a bit, based on a couple of mechanics that are very easy to understand.


What is better a floor jack or bottle jack?

Compared to bottle jacks, floor jacks are easier to use. Bottle jacks require a certain amount of space under the car. If your car does not have enough ground clearance, it is best to choose a floor jack. But bottle jacks are usually cheaper than floor jacks and can lift larger loads.

Do I need a 3 ton jack?

Yes,Our rule of thumb is that the jack must be rated at least three-quarters of the total vehicle weight. So, according to our rules, a 3 ton floor jack can lift a 4-ton car.

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