Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

Upgrading a shift knob is generally an easy task, easily achieved by the backyard mechanic. In case you are thinking about buying a new shifter, you might find you need to buy a fresh shift boot as well. Some manufacturers choose to create a one-piece combination boot and knob, while some have two independent parts.

When you are taking into consideration the upgrades, you may make to your vehicle to add personality, custom shift knobs are a great place to start and is the easiest way to set your automobile apart from stock models. There are millions of different shift knobs available and, since shift knobs are usually universal, the options are endless. With so many choices, you have to narrow them down to find the best shift knob for you. We have gathered nine best shift knobs that are offered on the marketplace to help you find the appropriate one.

How to Replace The Gear Shift Knobs in The Automobile?

Generally, this is a simple process, however, in case you are unsure about any stage or have difficulties removing the existing knob, then checking with your manufacturer’s handbook or a skilled mechanic.

To replace a gear shift knob, you have first to purchase a replacement shift knob that fits the car you own. In case you are unsure check the vehicle specifications and to check out the sizes of the gear shift lever. Comparing these to the dimensions of the shift knob that you are considering. When you have the proper shift knob replacement, just follow these steps.

1. Locate the existing gear shift knob and determine how it is mounted on the gearshift. Generally, it is either screwed onto a machined thread in the lever, or it is attached with a small screw near to the base of the shift knob.

2. Unscrew the shift knob or take away the small screw at the bottom. In case you are unscrewing the shift knob, then remember to turn it counterclockwise.

3. Install the new shift knob onto the gearshift by either threading it onto the screw or sliding it into place and then tightening the screw at the bottom. In case you have a shift knob that requires an adjuster to make it fit your gear shift, then consult the guidelines that came with the new shift knob to ensure that this is placed correctly before you place the new shift knob.

4. If the new shift knob as gear positioning detailing included, after that ensure this is adequately aligned together with your gear positions.

5. Test the fit and positioning cautiously before taking your automobile out onto a public road. It guarantees you can fix any problems without putting your self or others at risk of harm.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Shift Knobs

Functionality remains the key consideration when buying a replacement for your factory-installed shift knob. If the knob cannot work effectively, then your transmission and ability to shift gears may also be negatively affected. Other essential considerations include:

Manual or automatic – Not all shift knobs are ideal for automatic transmissions. Of those that are most require you to have a buttonless system in place. In case you have a shift knob on an automatic that has a button on the top, then you need to find a shift knob that particularly fits this kind of shifter. You need to identify it before buying the manual shift knob or automatic shift knob.

Fit – Many replacement shift knobs are universal, which means they included adapters that allow them to fit on any size gear shift. These adapters sit between the shifter and the knob allowing the appropriate connection to be made. Others, however, are designed for specific car makes and models. Always check this in the shift knob details before purchasing. You also need to know that it is 5 speed shift knob or 6 speed shift knob.

Comfort – The shift knob you select must be comfortable for you to use. If it’s not, then it could affect how you drive and even make your gear shifts erratic.

Materials – When you want your shift knob to look good, you also want it to last. Look for durable materials and coverings such as metal or carbon fibre. Nevertheless, be aware that on warmer times, metal can heat up quite quickly and intensely. Similarly, a plastic shift knob might lead to excessive sweating in the heat, that could cause your hands to slip more easily.

Top 9 Best Shift Knobs for Cars

1, ZHOL Universal Aluminum Automotive Motorsport Fantasy Manual Stick Shift Knob, Gear Stick Shift Head, Gear Shift knob

 ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

You may believe that your standard gear shift knob doesn’t match the vibrancy of your car’s character and changing it to something more suitable is easy to accomplish. ZHOL Universal Aluminum Automotive Motorsport Fantasy Manual Shift Knob will give your vehicle a performance appearance. It is appropriate for Universal fit for most automobiles with screw-type shift knob. This high-quality 5 Speed Shift Knob is made of superior materials to the strictest standards providing the highest quality level and outstanding workmanship. Item Size is 56mm*40mm*19mm weighing 158g. ZHOL provides reliable and worry-free service life for long years ahead which makes it the perfect option for your ultimate satisfaction. Made from first-class materials using the latest technologies, the product takes quality and durability to an entirely new level. You’ll be delighted how easy the set-up process is.


2, Kei Project Dragon ball Z Star Manual Stick Shift Knob With Adapters Fits Most Cars

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

Kei Project Dragon ball Z Star Manual Shift Knob is the best shift knob in our review. It is a handmade item that is made of high-quality, long-lasting acrylic. Kei Project Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob with adapters fits in most manual transmission vehicles. Also, it fits ideal in hands and provides comfier. The adapter it offers is made with high-quality stainless. It also has lock nuts. If you are a true Dragon Ball Z fan, this Cool Shift Knob is for you without any doubt. The size of this shifter knob is pretty perfect. It fits in larger hands quickly, and it is quite comfortable. With its sleek and modern design, this shift knob not only brings an extra touch of Design to the vehicle’s interior but also packs a punch of performance. We highly recommend buying this superb item.


3, RYANSTAR Ball Shift Knob Adapter kit Universal Car Gear Shifter Lever Round Ball Shape Carbon Fiber Black

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

The thread of this real carbon fibre weighted shift knob comes with universal thread adapters which will fit the majority of cars such as Acura Honda Mazda Mitsubishi Toyota Scion Nissan Infiniti Subaru and more.

Size of this shift knob is M12*1.25. The kit comes with three threaded brass adaptors (M8, M10, M12) for threaded shift rods. You would need to find an adaptor that suits you stick which will work with this knob as well as your stuck or fabricate one.


4, Kei Project Katana Samurai Sword Shift Knob Shifter Katana VIP Metal Weighted With Adapters Fits Most Cars (Black)

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

The Samurai Sword Shift Knob is entirely constructed of steel for durability, with polyester fabric weave and nickel-plated brass accents. These are perfect for those that are ready to hit the track or those who want to create out with their show cars!

The weight and construction of this shift knob are more massive and sturdier. The throw feels excellent, and the higher shifting leverage does make the car shift easier with less effort.


5, RYANSTAR Gear Shift Knob Sword Shift Knobs Katana Samural Shift  Lever Fit for Manual Cars with 4 Adapters

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019


The sword shift knob is exquisite, obvious and exquisite Design, class Japanese braided design makes your vehicle unique and impressive.

Gear shift knob fits for manual cars and most automatic cars which with button, it comes with four black plastic adapters (8 mm/9.5 mm/10 mm/12 mm),such as for Acura, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Scion, Nissan.


6, RYANSTAR Ball Shift Knob Adapter kit Universal Car Gear Shifter Lever Round Ball Shape Carbon Fiber

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

It’s a solid, weighty ball. Screwed on in a few seconds with the adapter. The shift stick size is M10X1.25, and that adapter is included. It’s smaller when compared to a cue ball but bulky like one. Looking at it up close, it seems like a bright ball with the carbon fibre design reflecting inside.


7, Cartaoo T-Handle Gear Shift Knob Handle for Jeep Wrangler Jeep Dodge Charger Challenger Compass(Black)

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

cartoon Shift Knob made with heavy-duty Zinc Alloy, upgrade the interior appearance of your vehicle.

This weighted shift knob is suitable for any car with a handle pin diameter less than or equal 9mm & Specially designed for the car with automatic transmission.


8, ModifyStreet Ball Shaped 450g Weighted Shift knob – JDM Polish Neo Chrome

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

Aftermarket shift knobs come in all sizes and shapes, but this one is unique and well made. It has a high weight, making it much easier to shift gears. In addition to the colour and shape instantly adds some much-needed character to any ole econobox.

Note: Universal fit most Japanese and USA cars, does not match some European car such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen because European cars aren’t using the round thread shifters


9, Pilot Automotive PM-2236AM Motorsport Manual/Automatic Shift Knob

ZHOL-shift-knob Top 9 Best Shift Knobs Reviews in 2019

Pilot Automotive’s Shift Knobs are made to add Design, delight, and function to your driving experience. Our Pistol Grip shift knob is made of real wood and metallic and engineered to match most manual or automatic shift levers. Includes guidelines and adapters and provides a firm grip plus a little catharsis.

Note: Does not work on automatic transmissions with a button on top of your current shift knob.


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