TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

A scissor jack is a convenient product for those who own a vehicle or a machine shop. It is a lifting jack. You can lift your vehicle like a motorcycle or a car, and work at the bottom of the vehicle. It can be used to clean vehicles, oiling the bottom, and even repair. Besides, they are used to keep a vehicle stationary while it is in another car, such as a trailer. Check out the top 9 best scissor jacks of 2019 and choose the right one for your vehicle.

Best Scissor Jack Reviews 

1, Torin T10152 scissor jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews


For the best stabilizer jack on the market, the Torin T10152 is considered by many to be the best. First of all, it is made of the sturdy steel body, which makes it very durable. Also, it is coated to prevent the jack from rusting. The large steel base of the jack made of its superior saddle provides excellent stability when used. A notable feature of this jack is its small size, convenient transportation, convenient and quick. It is one of the most reliable scissor jacks on the market.

2, Eaz-Lift 48830 stabilizing scissor jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

This is a good stable jack that can be used to lift heavy and light vehicles. That’s because it can lift to 7,500 pounds. Also, the jacks are coated with powder to prevent rust. It is easy to install, and you can carry a broader base with you wherever it is bolted or welded.

3, Pro-Lift Grey Scissor Jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

This simple and easy to install kit scissor jack is made in China by ANSI/PALD standards. This scissor car jack can withstand a maximum load of 3000lbs. The product’s extra-wide base provides additional stability and weight carrying capacity. Its maximum lift ranges from 3-3/4 inches to 15-1/8 inches. It comes in delicate shades of grey. Proper lubrication is required when not in use. Scissor jacks have two handles for easy control of lifting options. To ensure perfect placement, the product is compact in design and light in weight.

4, Tonda Portable 2 Ton Scissor Jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

The TONDA portable scissor car jack is an excellent value for car and coupe drivers. It has a compact design and is suitable for vehicles with less cycling. The simple steel structure is lightweight and ideal for anyone who wants to store scissors jacks carefully. It folds to a smaller than average size, lever folds, making it an excellent storage option.

The Tonda lift has a 2-ton weight, making it more powerful than the dedicated car model. However, this limitation may be offset by the smaller base, which makes it unsuitable for uneven ground. The Tonda jacks are also provided with an anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating.

One of the most notable disadvantages of the lift is its clumsy lever design; Some are familiar with jacks and even claim that the design makes it challenging to lift vehicles. Its hinge design makes storage more comfortable, but it has a fragile feel when used. There are other relevant options to consider for rugged feel jacks that can survive heavy use and abuse.

5, Quick Products Leveling Scissor Jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

This scissor jack comes with a one-year replacement warranty. You’d better not use the jack scissors for any lifting purpose. The maximum lifting capacity of the scissor jack is 5000lbs. This scissor jack is of all-steel construction, suitable for RV stability and levelling. Besides, it comes with a set of two scissors jacks. You can flatten quickly with a single crank handle. You need regular lubrication to keep the bearings and screws in good condition.

6, BAL 24028 LoPro Scissors Jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

The BAL 24028 LoPro scissor jack is one of our preferred products because the double lead Acme thread does not need to lift it to raise or lower the jack. It has a full-frame mounting bracket to provide higher stability. It weighs 24lbs and has a capacity of 5,000lbs. Low profile design (3-5/8″) for easy storage and up to 24 inches. This clip-type jack is rust-resistant with E-coating and offers a lifetime limited warranty.

7, Libra 5000 lb 24″ RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews


If your trailer needs some stable scissors jacks, this full set from Libra will save you some time. The wide bow base on each jack provides required stability on soft ground. Each jack weighs 5,000lbs, extends 24 inches, and compacts 5 inches. If you want to use an electric drill, the package also includes a crank handle, a 3/4 “19mm” hexagonal magnetic socket, and 16pcs mounting hardware.

8, Black Bull EJ212 12 Volt Fully Automatic Electric Car Jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

If you don’t like applying a bit of elbow grease in cranking your car jack, then you’re in luck with our last pick – a fully automatic electric car jack from Black Bull. It has a weight capacity of 2000 lbs with a height ranging from 5 inches to 14 inches. The push-button controller can be attached to your car’s 12-volt dc power outlet, better known as your car’s cigarette outlet. It has a 12-foot cord, so you know it has a long reach. And it comes in a plastic storage case for portability.

If you don’t like a little elbow grease when you shake your car jacks, then you’re in luck with our last choice – the fully automatic electric car jacks from Black Bull. It weighs 2,000 lbs and is 5 inches to 14 inches tall. The button controller can be connected to the car’s 12-volt dc socket, better known as the car’s cigarette socket. It has a 12-foot cord, so you know it’s a long distance. It has a plastic storage box, which is easy to carry.

9, Ez Travel Collection Mini Scissor Jack

Torin-1.5ton-scissor-jack TOP9 Best Scissor Jacks Reviews

Despite its small size, it can lift 2 tons, a substantial amount for a small scissor jack. It makes it a viable option for many drivers.

Of course, its primary selling point is how small it is. Because it’s so compact, you don’t even notice it’s in the trunk. It is excellent for any vehicle with minimal storage, such as a subcompact (smart, fiat, etc.), sports car, or golf cart.

This may seem ironic, but its biggest drawback is how small it is. Feet are small, so you’d better make sure you use them on level ground.



After looking at the different scissor car jacks with some of the best features and performance, you can now go ahead and select the jack stand that suits your needs and is within your price range. I hope you find this comment critical to you.

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