TOP9 Best Car Jack Stands Reviews

Few products affect your safety when driving a car, like the car jacks you use. The average car weighs thousands of pounds, so when you lift it up and work underneath it, you need to know it’s going to stay there.

Car jack stands are designed to keep the vehicle safely elevated to allow access to the bottom of the body, but they do not actually lift the vehicle itself. To do this, you need a reliable scissor jack or a floor jack to lift your vehicle.

To ensure your safety when driving a vehicle, you need to carefully check the specification of the jack stand. Is it made by are reputable manufacturer? Does it match the weight of your vehicle? This is not an area where you should cut back on research or spending.Read on for valuable advice on selecting the best car stands for your needs.

 Best Car Jack Stands Reviews

1, Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

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They’re made of steel, so all the boxes are ticked. Jokingly, these are sturdy stands made of high-grade forged steel. This makes them a little heavier than some other models, but also gives them a very reassuring weight.

They also have a lovely oversized saddle area that makes it easy to put the car’s lifting point into the saddle for safe contact. In terms of price, they are intermediate products and offer a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s a very good set of tools, very reasonably priced.

2, Hein-Werner HW93503 Blue/YellowJack Stand

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If you’re looking for a product made in the United States, Hein-Werner HW93503 is for you. Each model has a rated capacity of 3 tons and is designed for medium weight, but is rugged enough to handle almost all household applications.

The top center is designed to be curved to maintain stability under the frame, and the base of the bracket includes triangular reinforcement to make it more stable on surfaces that tend to produce pressure. One of the widest three-ton jack supports, measuring 7.5 “x 9” means they are very strong, but may not fit into narrow Spaces.

You can also choose an adjustable ratchet design that gives you a range of 12 to 19 inches, 3 inches higher than your competitors on this page. While you’ll pay extra for Hein-Werner’s quality, most people will tell you it’s definitely worth it.

3, OTC 1780 Truck Jack Stands

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The OTC 1780 is a heavy-duty jack stand for large vehicles because it has a huge weight of 22 tons. If you are concerned about working under the truck with the current jack bracket, these are ideal and meet all standards for lifting equipment in the United  States.

For stability, the base is completely flat and has large support areas for heavy loads. There are only 3 height adjustments, from minimum folding height of 12 inches to increment of 3 inches to maximum height of 20 inches.

Overall, they are the best jack stands for trucks and any mechanic who needs to reload. Safety is of Paramount importance when working under a car, and you are at great risk if you use a car that weighs more than it does.

4, Sunex1410 10-Ton Jack Stands

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For those who need more space under their car, you need a super-high jack stand. Sunex offers three versions of 10 ton jack stands with low, medium and three heights. The top will reach a maximum height of 46.5 inches and can be easily adjusted by locking the height into place with a pin.

In terms of adjustability, the minimum set is 28.1 inches, which will rise all the way up to 46.5 inches. Extra rooms can play an important role when working under the car, for example, trying to remove a gearbox with limited space can make the job 10 times more difficult.

In general, this is the best jack stands for trucks or heavy vehicles that require higher weight classes.

5, ESCO10498 Jack Stand

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ESCO 10498 is a premium heavy-duty jack stand with an adjustable range of 13 to 21 inches, enough to work under the car. Each stand includes a rubber pad to prevent scratching paint, and the brackets themselves are powder coated so they don’t rust.

They are sold separately and can be purchased in a pack of four, but this brings the only drawback to these jack stands.They cost more than substitutes, but in return you can buy the best jack holders.

If you’re worried about the jack bracket sliding, ESCO10498 USES a circular base pad for maximum stability.They are very sturdy and can weigh up to 3 tons, which is enough for most cars.

Overall, it’s the best car jack stands you can buy, and the 3 leg structure is more stable than the other 4-leg alternatives.

6,Torin T43004 Aluminum 3 Ton Jack Stands

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This is one of the best floor jacks for lift trucks and is much lower than previous products.

The capacity of the stand is 3 tons. 2 identical brackets with 5 hole adjustment, very safe, with locking bearings.

The stand provides a minimum lifting height of 10-3/4 inches and a maximum lifting height of 15-5/8 inches.

Made from a cast aluminum base,Torin is known as the recommended manufacturer and designer of automotive equipment and jacks.

7, Performance Tool  3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set


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This is definitely the best jack stands for cars and light-duty trucks that comes at an affordable price and can be purchased online.

These stands capacity is also 3 tons and this is an amazing and super durable heavy-duty construction that will easily and reliable lift any vehicle.

It has got a steel frame and a wide base that provides strength and safe maintenance.This is definitely the best jack stands for cars and light trucks and is available online at a reasonable price. It has a steel frame and a wide base to provide strength and safety maintenance.

8,Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands

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These very robust stands provide all the build quality and security that companies like Cartman .

They are made of high-quality steel and weigh more than their aluminum counter parts, but they are lighter than a pair of racks with a maximum weight of 3 tons, meaning they are easy to move.

However, the built-in quick-fix mechanism is the real standout. As the name suggests, it can be quickly adjusted when used in the stands. So if you raise your car, you can easily lower it by an inch or two to help drain water. This makes them easier to use than other models that have to be completely unloaded to make adjustments.

9, Powerbuilt 3 Ton All in One Bottle Floor Jack

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Once you want to maximize your efficiency, you can always choose to buy the Powerbuilt 3 Ton All in One Bottle Floor Jack. The jack will be patented in a combination of a jack stand and a bottle jack.

The jack also has a safety lever lock that locks you to the desired working height. You will find that the jack also has a wide steel base that provides maximum balance while limiting the weight below. Lifting options for jacks range from 11 to 21 inches. Therefore, maximum efficiency is provided.


It’s not worth living under a car where you’re working with a trolley jack. Invest in a best car jack stands to add security to your workspace and confidence under the car. Cheap jack stand can fail, and while it’s rare, it’s worth the extra effort.


How to use a Jack Stand?

First, you need to decide whether to use a single jack stand or plan to support the front or rear axle or the vehicle. If you use more than one jack stand, you need to adjust the height so that they are exactly the same.

Once equal, you can lift the car up using a trolley jack. After lifting, place the jack stand under the sturdy structural parts of the frame. If you are struggling to find such an area, refer to the owner’s manual. You need to repeat this process for each axle because it is too risky to put the car in the air to complete all four corners.

Once all jack stands are in place, be sure to test them. To do this, give the car a small push or shake to make sure the jack stand does not move. If you want to improve safety further, you can even place wheel wedges to increase the stability of the car.

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