Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019

Transmission is cumbersome to remove and put back under the car. This transmission jack was created to help make the process easier and safer. If you’ve removed the transmission, you know the challenges it presents. But that’s not the only problem. Choosing the best transmission jack from several brands on the market is not an easy task. For this reason, we decided to highlight and explain some of the transmission jacks.

What Is a Transmission Jack?

Transmission is an indispensable and essential part of vehicle engineering. Transmission jacks are recommended if you plan to perform any maintenance on the part, whether you are driving a car, truck, or motorcycle. Typically, they are made of heavy steel with rotating casters to provide more magnificent maneuvers. The saddle is tilted to allow easy positioning of the gearbox during repair or maintenance. As a result, you can more easily manipulate and manipulate car parts.

Hobbyists and professionals use transmission jacks to install or replace the transmission in various models. When choosing one, you should consider the load you plan to increase and the built-in safety mechanisms, including stability and maneuver options.

For non-professionals, a specific type of jack is sufficient, and if you work in a professional garage or workshop, it is best to offer a more widely used jack. Because these jacks are expensive, you must also consider their durability to the expected workload.

If you are in the market for repair and maintenance tools, you may also want to check out our comments on car jacks, jack stands, and engine hoists.

Best Transmission Jack  Reviews

1, Torin Big Red Telescoping Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack

Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019


The Torin TR 40 53 chassis is a 0.5 ton (1,000 lbs) capacity high lift transmission jack used to remove manual and automatic transmissions for maintenance. It is a Chinese brand; It measures 26 x 16.1 x 7.5 inches and weighs 75 lbs. It has an adjustable saddle that allows it to accommodate different transmission sizes, and then the chain can be tilted in any direction – front, back, or left and right. Once mounted on the saddle, there is a release valve that allows for a smooth descent. There are also safety brackets and safety chains to control disassembly. The jack is made of sturdy steel and coated with enamel.

The base is made of four steel arms that extend into a rectangular shape, each with an adjustable 3-inch steel wheel. The wheels are mounted on ball bearings and are designed to rotate 360 degrees for smooth rolling under hoisted vehicles.

The Torin raises to a height between 49.6 and 68.7 inches. They will be delivered by the box containing individual parts and assembly instructions.

2, Alltrade Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack – 4000 lb

Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019

If you’re looking for a product with superior performance, Powerbuilt heavy-duty transmission jack is the best choice. With an unparalleled 4000lbs lifting capacity, it is the most powerful and ensures the best heavy load.

Whether it’s a car, truck, or even an all-terrain vehicle, it can lift all jobs effortlessly and efficiently. Besides, it has unmatched long run durability and has a very flexible design that can adapt and use multiple types of frames.

The patented design also has removable lifting saddles and paddle lifting rails for better use. Since the safety bar must be locked to eliminate any hassle associated with the jack stands, your hands are safe and secure.

3, Goplus Low Profile Transmission Jack

Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019

This heavy-duty low lift transmission jack is designed for work, and the vehicle itself sits on the jack stands. It has an adjustable tilt saddle, easy to install in any position, and durable steel structure, very strong and safe to use. It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 1000lbs, which is nothing special, but comfortable enough to operate. At the same time, hydraulic cylinder units result in reduced oil pressure required to lift loads, which helps to extend service life and reduce wear.

Due to its small size and a minimum lifting height of 8.5 “, the Goplus model can be easily converted into a floor jack. As a result, you can turn relatively small areas into fully functional workspaces at any time. Then you can perform, of course, a lot of repairs on your vehicle with the help of the jack stands. Besides, floor jacks are the most stable and probably the safest.

If you want one or two units, this Goplus jack is the right choice. You will meet all the repair and maintenance needs of your car transmissions, different gears and rear axle assemblies without the obligation to purchase multiple tools.

4, Torin Big Red TR4076 Hydraulic Transmission Jack

Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019


While similar to other models in this review, several factors make the Torin TR4076 a better choice than most of its peers. Our favorite part is the broad stance. It may only be an inch wide, but that inch can make a small difference, especially when providing additional stability under load.

However, as with most transmission jacks, construction is the most critical aspect of the tool. The buildings here are substantial. The broad positions described above depend on a strengthened base. This model has a built-in safety overload system, which is familiar to most mechanical structures and can prevent use beyond rated capacity.

Given all this, perhaps the most distinctive feature of the instrument is its versatility. The saddle will allow you to take full advantage of the side and front and rear adjustments. The head can also be adjusted so that you can lean forward, backward, or left and right. And, unlike most of these tools, it has a 360-degree rotating handle. It is one of the more common parts of these jacks because it allows for better load positioning.

All in all, Torin TR4076 is a powerful and reliable tool. Its lifting capacity and sturdy construction make it suitable for daily garage service as well as some more massive industrial use. Steel casters are more durable than most.

5, OTC 1793A High Lift Transmission Jack

Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019


This high lift transmission jack is designed with commendable use and operation in mind. The universal saddle can be tilted from front to back, or even from side to side, and also has angular braces that can be adjusted with the safety chain so that you can correctly position the load. Also, it has a flash chrome-plated ram that eliminates any chance of rust entering the hydraulic system, and the foot operates the pump with lowered blades without easy control, while positioning or removing the required transmission. The 1,000lbs capacity of the built-in safety overload system ensures that no overload will cause accidents. It even comes with polyurethane rotating wheels for optimum stability and ease of transport.

6, Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack

Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019

 Sunex Telescopic is a 1000lb capacity transmission jack made of stainless steel. It includes a hydraulic shaft with an adjustable top panel and a four-arm base. Each arm of the support is equipped with a 360-degree rotating steel wheel for easy rolling of the jack.

There is a short lever under the adjustable saddle for opening it and locking the transmission in place. The telescopic view allows the user to see all angles of the transmission as it progresses clearly.

The hydraulic lift is pedal-operated, allowing the hands to take care of other components. It measures 27.2 by 14.2 by 39.4 inches and weighs 167.6 lbs. It has a nylon saddle strap that holds the transmission in place. Overload valves ensure that they exceed their capacity, which is a vital feature to ensure service life.

7, Goplus 2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack – 1500 Lbs

Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019


We have always wanted machines with superior durability and functionality for better use and improved results. Using high-quality steel and high-strength iron construction, Go Plus provides customers with stable and robust transmission jacks that can last for years without worrying. It also has a broad base for optimal stability and weighs up to 1,500 pounds, so you won’t have any problems with larger weights. The 31-inch long safety chain and spring-loaded release valve enhance each operation and ensure that you are protected from any unforeseen damage.
Once released, the release valve automatically performs a descent stop function. Easy to operate and move, make this safe product your companion.

8, Iglobalbuy 2 Stage 1100lb Adjustable Height HydraulicTelescoping Transmission Jack


Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019

Iglobabuy is an 1100lb hydraulic powertrain jack suitable for automatic and manual powered vehicles. It is made of heavy steel and comes with adjustable saddles to accommodate gearboxes of different sizes. The jack measures 31 by 26 by 38 inches and weighs 78 lbs. It sits on a four-legged base with arms extending from a central shaft and a rotating steel wheel. It is equipped with a hand-held steering handle and a pedal-pedal, which can complete a two-stage lifting system.

There are two 26 “safety chains attached to the saddle. It starts at 34 inches and goes all the way up to 70 inches. The telescope function allows the user to inspect all areas from the crane or lower position quickly.

9, XtremepowerUS Transmission Jack Adapter


Torin-Big-Red-Telescoping-Hydraulic-Transmission-Floor-Jack Top9 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2019

XtremepowerUS is a company based in the US. It offers top quality products designed to provide you with your service. This transmission jack adapter has easy-to-use guidance. With its subtle design, the device can help you accomplish simple and heavy tasks. Thanks to its rotating wheels, it slides smoothly under your car. Besides, the easy to install and remove design makes your job easier.

The advantage of this transmission jack adapter is versatility. It fits any traditional jack design and can be turned into a transmission jack.

Final thoughts

After perusing the details on the best transmission jacks, you can now easily select the transmission jack adapter of your choice. These jacks play a vital role in helping DIY workers or professional technicians quickly repair or maintain their transmissions.

It is essential to choose a jack that can lift and should be at the correct ideal height. Also, any questions after looking at the transmission jack? Comments below

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