TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Making hands-free calls, listening to your preferred playlist, or making use of your telephone as a GPS navigation – all while driving safely – is simple with the best magnetic car mount. These mounts feature small magnetic plates that stick to your phone’s case. Once mounted on the bottom, you get yourself a discreet and protected hold, which can be quickly eliminated when you reach your destination. And unlike cradle mounts that grasp your mobile phone from the sides, you don’t need to worry in regards to a bad fit.

There are only a couple of things you will need to consider when you’re looking to get the best car phone mount. The first is the position. Car mounts could be placed on your air vent, CD slot, dashboard, or windshield. In individual states, the use of windshield mounts has been banned, so definitely verify your state regulation requirements before you get one. You’ll want to remember that magnetic car mounts have already been known to interfere with the wireless charging features in a few newer phone models. (Search for protective films or additional magnet position options to avoid this.)

Features to Consider in Good Magnetic Phone Mounts

Before heading over to the reviews, let’s first have a look at a few of the features that we found in all of the best magnetic car mount:
·    Magnet Strength: obviously, one of the most significant elements for this kind of mounts will be the strength of the magnets. In the end, you need to ensure that a variety of digital devices with varying designs, sizes, and weights could be held up by these mounts. It is the only way to make specific that your device will be held securely.

·    Mount Position: the other aspect that we looked at was where the mount could be put into the interior of your vehicle. It helped to determine just how it might be to look into and achieve your device, although it was mounted on the mount.

·    Usability: we also examined how easy it had been to use the device, although it was guaranteed to the mount. It intended that the mount allowed you to regulate it in such a manner that your screen could be manipulated without difficulty.

·    Compatibility:  based on the sizes of the magnet and also the power of the magnet, we determined how many different devices we could fix to the magnet holder and become satisfied that it could stay put.

·    Price: the cost of the magnetic car mount should be considered before buying it. It’s not that you need to disregard the expensive product, but you should go for affordable products.

There are several models out there, but selecting the most appropriate one is a little hard. So right now, let’s go through these reviews collectively to access know the best magnetic phone mount in 2023.

Top 9 Best Magnetic Car Mount in 2023

1, WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount  Holder

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

That is arguably the best-selling magnetic car mount in the marketplace. Another superior quality product from WizGear, there are no surprises that this one claims the very best spot on this guideline to the nine best magnetic phone mount reviews.

The top feature on this product would be the universal magnet that’s powerful enough to contain any smartphone device.
Besides that, it possesses the usual high-standard features, including a sleek, compatible design, easy to set up an air-vent attachment program, and a durable rubber foundation to carry smartphones easily in place. Best marks for quality and security and another breakthrough from WizGear.

· Mighty magnet for “auto-mounting” smartphones
· Sleek, easy-to-use design, matches well in an air vent
· Durable design to carry smartphones in place even on bumpy terrains
· May pose complications attaching to some air vent. Nevertheless, this is a minor concern which may be resolved with the release of future products

2, SCOSCHE Universal Mount 

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

The SCOSCHE MAGDM MagicMount Universal Mount for Mobile Devices makes mounting your smartphone or device super easy. Because of the adhesive supported surface, there’s no need to add on any unique accessories.

All you have to accomplish is stick your device on the back and enjoy the quick adhesion. But what makes the adhesive stand out is the truth that it’s resistant to both high temperature and cold, unlike your conventional adhesive that weakens with temperature modify.
It is a smooth and flexible car install which has high power magnets to anchor your gadget. Warmth and cool, safe program which withstands remarkable temperature for safe use in your vehicle. The mount could be put in the automobile, home, or workplace so that you can appreciate the hand’s free experience anyplace.

For a comparatively young organization, the brand did pretty much for itself. Began back in 2010, Koomus started with the fact that a little does undoubtedly go quite a distance, and that something small can have a much higher impact than expected.
Koomus endeavours to supply an intensive catalog of installation solutions. It’s their high requirements of quality workmanship and client satisfaction that’s produced this brand a preferred for most car owners. And yep, we’ve got their finest seller all covered up and reviewed below.

·    Security Ensured
·    Easy On-off Accessibility
·    Easy One Hand Usage
·    The Tape Loosens The Grip

3, Koomus Magnetos CD Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount 

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

This fresh, cradle-less product is the brilliant runner-up on this guide.
The merchandise looks great and works with most, if not all, devices. It also benefits from an “Easy Quick-snap one-hand” mounting system, which allows for hassle-free attaching and detaching when required.

The stand-out feature because of this one would be just how it attaches itself to the automobile. It does not make use of any conventional type of adhesion that others in this guideline use. This one needs to be installed into the car’s CD slot, and we call CD slot magnetic phone holder.

· Clever car installation program that will not require adhesive or suction cup cell, phone holder
· User-friendly and easy-to-use, generally with one hand
· Thin, great look
· Few issues were raised, specifically, however, it could not attach itself to some of the more “circular” CD slots

4, AUKEY Magnetic Telephone Holder 

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

This car mount holder contains four strong magnets to secure phones, GPS devices, and tablets. It links to the car’s vents without complications and has an excellent surface to avoid scratching the phone’s or dashboard’s surface. It could be mounted either horizontally or vertically and contains smooth rubber prongs for keeping a tight grip on the telephone.

Also, the circular metallic plates are matched for smaller, lighter phones and the rectangular ones for larger, more massive phones. The AUKEY mount is excellent for iPhone(X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s Plus), LG, Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy, amongst others.

·    It is FILLED WITH Four Powerful Magnets
·    A User Guide
·    Safe To Handle
·    Limited Compatibility

5, Maxboost Car Mount 

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

The design of the car mount ensures that it will be an excellent fit for several different devices. So, whether or not you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you could be sure that it will work well with this holder. What’s more, the strength and size of the mount permit you to fix smaller tablets on to it.

This car mount is intended to be positioned onto air vents in your vehicle. The rubber hold on the back of it is an excellent suit for a wide selection of vents. Because of this, you should discover that this mount is an excellent fit for you personally, whatever the make and style of your vehicle. Not to mention, because of the rubber, you don’t need to be worried about leaving a indicate behind on your vents. Also, because the vents take action as a well balanced and durable platform, you could have peace of mind knowing that the mount or your telephone will never be falling to the ground.

It will take you just seconds to create this car mount up and have it ready to use. This means that there is no downtime between your setup and how quickly you can fix your mobile phone to the mount. Another benefit is that after the mobile phone is fixed to the mount, you can change its position easily. So, you can change from portrait setting to landscape and back again without any issues.

Pros :
Strong magnetic force
Works well with smartphones and small tablets
Can position the mobile phone in different ways
Cons :
May not stick to smooth-backed phones well

6, CAW.CAR Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

This unique product can be an out and out universal model, making it appropriate for any smartphone. Furthermore, the magnetic car mount has a powerful magnet providing balance to also magnet tablet holders, which are light-weight. Sure, this is an absolute must-have mounted as it provides a solution to mobile phone talks when driving. This is aided by the appropriate positioning of your smartphone on the dashboard.

This quality and good car mount give a super-tight feature because of the powerful magnet. As a result, this product is a multipurpose one and also designed with ultra-slim discs that maintain your phones in place either in the automobile or in the home. Never should you be concerned when purchasing this product as you’ll be refunded it if you don’t love the merchandise.

Pros :
It includes a 12-month warranty.
No Clamps, No Cradles
This product is durable and simple to use.

Cons :

7, VAVA Magnetic Car Mount

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Coming next on the list is this super-quality car mount with a powerful magnet. This magnet supports smartphones as high as 3 kg without falling out.

Furthermore, it exhibits extreme stickiness, which ensures a good and secure hold. The amazing magnetic car mount is the easiest to make use of, as you may use it with one hand. That’s you can drive as you put in or remove your device. This product ensures the security of your device as you can always see your mobile phone from any position. If this product does not serve you to your targets, you can still feel free to return it for a refund.

This product comes with a 12-month warranty.
Friendly customer service is offered at the manufacturer’s desk.
A vertical surface is most effective for this mount. Otherwise, it could be unstable

8, AILUN Car Phone Mount

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Next, we’ve got the car phone mount, which is easy to install. You won’t block your air vent and the windshield of your vehicle. It comes with a magnetic and cradle-less design. The reinforced magnetic holder of this car mount produces a rigorous force of attraction that will hold up your device safely and allow you to drive without distraction.

It is built with circular and rectangle metallic plates, which can simply become placed between your device and its case. This mount provides 360 degrees rotatable that provide you with ultimate flexibility in rotating your device as well. This one is universally appropriate for any intelligent phones and mini tablets.

Pros :
Simple design doesn’t impact airflow in the automobile
You can easily stick and remove
Includes a simple black color to check the car’s interior
Cons :
Not ideal for bigger phones

9, Mpow Magnetic Car Mount 

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

Magnetic-Mount TOP 9 Best Magnetic Car Mounts in 2023

This car mount has a universal fit. This means that it has been created to hold digital products of many varying sizes and shapes. As such, you will find the mount is capable of accommodating most modern smartphones. What’s more, it could even keep certain smaller tablets in place as well.

Magnet Quality
This mount has a rather brilliant design. To begin with, you have four magnets within the casing, which make a remarkably powerful magnetic field. Moreover, you are given another small magnetic plate that can be stuck on your mobile phone or under your mobile phone cover. It can help the phone to adhere to the mount even better.

The disadvantage, though, is that the second magnet isn’t powerful enough to penetrate through thicker phone covers.
Nevertheless, in situations where the phone does adhere to the mount well, you could be quite specific that you won’t budge at all. It is true, even though you are driving through rougher terrain.

Mount Position
This car mount has grips that let it fix onto the air vents of your automobile. What’s truly superb, though, is certainly that the grips were created in a way to fix onto thinner and thicker blades as well. So, there exists a greater potential for this mount being ideal for most automobiles. Also, as the grips are manufactured from rubber, you don’t need to get worried about your vents becoming damaged or scratched at all.

Ease of Use
As mentioned, it is easy to slip this mount| into the vents and begin to utilize it immediately. Simultaneously, you will discover that it’s a breeze to make use of your phone, actually once it’s been attached to the mount. When fixed, you should have no problems at all, changing the position or the orientation of the mount.

Pros :
Appropriate for most phones and mini tablets
Strong magnetic force
Easy to repair to vents
Cons :
· May does not use a thicker magnetic cell phone case

Summary – Wrapping It Up!

Given that you have to go through all of the reviews, say the pros and cons, you need to become end up being aware of the best magnetic car mount according to your requirements. There are several factors that will be the same in all of these, but they differ in little specifications from one another.

The costs of some should be specified by your pocket plus some could be extremely expensive for you. It is not a significant issue because right now, you have gone through a list of the best holders available for sale.

The majority of which are utilized by the majority of people. Be cautious before spending your cash.

The one you select may not be appropriate for your vehicle or might not be shipped in your country (if you’re searching for online purchasing). We wish your cash to be allocated to purchasing the right product that delivers advantages to you for an extended period.

Therefore, we’ve set the priority list for you, and we are very sure it will need to have helped in selecting the most appropriate one for you.

So think wisely before making any decision since it is your decision now.

We believe our study will need to have created easiness in your selection procedure; therefore, don’t let your precious time move in vain. Go right now and shop one, which you believe is most beneficial for you!



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