5 Must-Have Car Accessories for Night Driving Safety

Suppose you are in your car, driving home from a long day. The sun has just set, and you are approaching an intersection. Your vehicle’s headlights illuminate the road ahead, but it is still too dark to see anything beyond that. You need to cross this intersection before traffic picks up again, so you decide to speed up as much as possible without killing yourself or another driver.

Something unexpected happens: a deer jumps out onto the road! You frantically try to stop or turn left in time—but you can’t avoid hitting it with your car at full speed! While this may seem like a nightmare scenario no one wants to experience while driving at night, it could become a reality if you’re not prepared for some common dangers of nighttime driving.

Fortunately for us all (and especially those who love taking nighttime drives), there are plenty of ways we can keep ourselves safe while we’re out on the road after dark!

5 Night Driving Safety Car Accessories

1,Get a Light Bar


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For the ultimate in night driving safety, you’ll want to consider installing a light bar. A light bar is a series of LED lights mounted together in a row, which can be placed on your vehicle and controlled remotely from inside your car. The advantages of having a light bar are numerous:

It makes it much easier for other drivers to see you at night—this can prevent them from crashing into you if they accidentally drift off the road or try to cut across traffic without seeing your car first.

You don’t have to worry about running out of battery power while driving at night; since the light bar is powered by electricity and not batteries, it will never go dead on you!

Using a remote control means that even when it’s cold out or raining (when buttons tend not to work as well), you’ll still be able to turn your lights on with ease—no need for manual operation here!

It’s also important where and how high up your car should place these types of accessories. Many people choose above their headlights because this gives them maximum visibility during both daylight hours and after dark when streetlights aren’t shining bright enough due to another issue known as the “blackout effect.”

Your light bar should be of the same brand as your vehicle. Suppose you own a Ford 150 2WD/4WD vehicle; you should consider buying an F150 light bar.

2,Run-on Your High Beams

s773968537297247868_p15_i5_w640 5 Must-Have Car Accessories for Night Driving Safety

You might be surprised to hear that not all vehicles are equipped with high beams. You may be able to turn on your high beams by simply pressing a button, or you might have to hold down a button for several seconds.

You should always use your high beams when it’s dark outside, especially if there are no street lights nearby. If you’re driving at night and see another vehicle in front of yours that has its high beams on, turn off your own immediately! The reason is that the other driver will think it’s safe to drive much closer than they usually would during the daytime–and this could cause an accident.

High beam headlights are useful for foggy days, too; however, they aren’t recommended on misty nights because they can reflect into the eyes of other drivers and make it hard for them to see what’s ahead of them as well as behind them (when looking into their rearview mirror).

High beam headlights also shouldn’t be used when there is snow covering part or all of the road surface because snow tends to reflect light better than asphalt does–this means that if somebody were heading towards you in their car at night using their high beam headlights, then the chances are good that person wouldn’t notice you until too late!

3,Beef-up Your Bumper

A bumper that can take a hit is an important safety feature of any vehicle, but it’s essential in trucks. A good bumper should be durable and well-secured to the car. This will help ensure that the bumper is not damaged if a collision occurs, and it also means that there’s less chance of your vehicle being damaged by other drivers.

The recovery point of your bumper should be strong enough for winching purposes—after all, you never know when you’ll need some extra pulling power! You should also make sure that your bumper has enough ground clearance so you can drive over obstacles without damaging them or yourself.

4,Always Have a Tow Rope Handy

s773968537297247868_p15_i5_w640 5 Must-Have Car Accessories for Night Driving Safety


If you’re taking a long-distance trip or driving at night, it’s always wise to have your tow rope handy. Federal law requires all cars in the U.S. to carry a tow rope when traveling on highways and freeways—if your car breaks down and you need help from another driver, having a tow rope will make things easier for everyone involved.

If there’s an accident on the highway, having this tool can save lives by allowing first responders to quickly clear vehicles from the road before further accidents occur (towing cars out of harm’s way is quicker than removing them manually). If one of your car tires blows out while traveling down an interstate highway at night, having this item handy means that you won’t end up stranded on the side of the road with no way of getting back home safely!

5,Use Flares With Caution

Flares are a relatively safe way to get attention, but they should be used with caution. If you have flares, it’s crucial that you follow all applicable laws regarding their use and only use them as a last resort if your vehicle is disabled or in danger of becoming so.

You should never use flares as a substitute for lights on your vehicle! Pullover in a well-lit area with plenty of space around the car, and other vehicles can see you. Be sure to have a first aid kit on hand (and know how to use it) and have an operational fire extinguisher handy.

Whether for business or pleasure, night driving is always a challenge. It’s essential to make sure that you are prepared for the long hours on the road ahead of you. By following these tips and tricks, you can have a safe and pleasant experience driving at night.

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