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How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh?

We’re confident that you know your car has a battery, but do you have any idea how much it weighs? We won’t be surprised if you’re not sure. “How much does a car battery weigh?” is not exactly a common question on the minds of most drivers. Given that you’ve probably never had to pick […]

How Many Amps is a Car Battery?

Even though we may not know the technical ins and outs of it, we generally all know that our car relies on a battery to work normally. Many of us fear finding our car with a dead or near-depleted battery every day, and we know that in the event of the battery failing or running […]

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Car Battery?

For a lot of drivers, starting up your car only to find the battery is dead is a real nightmare scenario. Your car’s battery is the electrical heart of its operation. Without it functioning properly, you can’t hope to even get started on a journey of any length. There are several possible factors that will […]