How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

If you are a driver, when you close the door, and then the car tire starts rolling, life security is not in your hands. When your feet leave the ground, and the only thing you can contact with the ground is the tire, have you ever thought about the quality of your tires? Will it save your life?

Somebody has to say, does this need to be considered? The car has a matching tire at the time of delivery, and it is all tested, and the quality is sure to be okay. In the meantime, if you need to change the tire, the automobile shop will help you choose the right tire. And what I want to tell you is that nothing is absolute. If you trust others blindly, you will be able to deliver your life to others. What if you are trusted by a man who doesn’t have professional ethics?

Therefore, it is recommended that you learn some common sense of tires and learn some tire use and maintenance techniques. We don’t need to know everything, but we need to protect our lives.


1.Tire Marks

If you look closely, you will find that the side of the tire is covered with a variety of words and symbols? The following picture illustrates the meaning of some signs on the tire side and explains them in detail.

tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

1.1Tire Size

The figure above shows the meaning of each number and letter in the tire specifications. If the interested person wants to know more clearly what is the purpose of the width, width ratio, and so on, the professional noun.  You can search on the web, here no longer to repeat.


On the side of the tire, the material and quantity of the tire product structure (the TREAD and SIDEWALL parts) are marked.



This represents the tire bone of the TREAD (TREAD area). It is composed of two layers of steel wire girdle + 1 layer of polyester cord + 1 layer of nylon fully bound layer. The tire of the SIDEWALL is a 1 – layer polyester cord. In general, the design of the number of tires and the specifications of the tire are closely related, and it is not the number of layers, the quality is better considering durable.


The weight and the most atmospheric pressure in the tire’s design of various regulations (TRA, ETRTO, JATMA, etc.) are the maximum load/air pressure that the tire can bear. The air pressure marked on the tire is the maximum inflating pressure of a single tire, so the consumer should use the recommended air pressure in the car manufacturer or tire manual.

Such as MAX. LOAD 475Kg/1047LBS;MAX. INFLATION 300KPa/44PSI

1.4 Compulsory certification

Tires can be sold and circulated on the market, requiring some compulsory certification. It is like 3C, DOT, UTQG, E-Mark certification, I-mark in Brazil, and so on.

2. Common sense tires using


2.1Check the air pressure regularly


tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

The tires are inflated to be used, and the inflatable pressure is specified. The number of air pressure marked by the edge of the tire is the maximum inflating pressure of the tire. When the tire pressure is too low or too high, it can affect the life of the tire.

The tire has constant contact with the ground during the rolling process, and the area is minimal, and the air pressure size of the tire also affects the earthling area.

As shown in the above, when air pressure is reasonable, the stress distribution in the grounding area (yellow part) into almost the rules of the square, then the grounding area is the largest, feedback to the feeling of the car’s handling, stability and comfort are best. However, when the tire pressure is too low, and the tire side deformation is excessive, and the tire shoulder is abnormal wear. The stress distribution is not uniform.

In the case of low air pressure, not only the fuel consumption is increased, but also the abnormal heat of the tire, even the risk of detonation. When the tire pressure increase rigidity, the deformation and grounding area decreases and then the pressure began to focus on the ground near the center. Tire pressure on short-term increase per unit area. The blowout is likely to occur due to tire wall by high pressure and deformation.

Therefore, we should treat all tires, including the spare tire. All want to periodically check the air pressure is just right, especially the flat tire. It is hard to judge from the appearance when air pressure is insufficient to the tire with barometer checks after cooling.

2.2 Regularly tire balance checking


tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?


Tire balance refers to the front wheel positioning, one of the tire inspection items. Tire if unbalanced, partial pendulum swings around while will cause the vehicle jumping up and down, place shock phenomenon of the steering wheel, driving to the extremely comfortable, must capes heavy lead weights on both sides of the steel ring, make it balance. The balance of the tire includes static balance and dynamic balance.

It is essential to ensure the balance of the tire. It not only helps to prolong the life of the tire and the regular performance of the vehicle but also supports the driver’s life and safety. Imbalance can lead to irregular tires and unnecessary wear of vehicle suspension systems, and uneven tires can cause vehicle turbulence on the road, resulting in driving fatigue.

The tire should be balanced on the first installation to the rim and should be re-balanced if there is any repair. In view of the road condition, It is better to do a tire balance inspection at least every quarter in automobile stores.

2.3 Exchange of the tire

tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

Exchange the position of the tire, which is called transposition. The tire is different due to the car type and the installation position and the usage habit. Through transposition, Tire wear tendency is equal to the same. It can extend tires life. Normally 5000KMs need do an exchange

2.4 Pay attention to tread wear

tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

Each tire has a wear mark in the tread of the tire. Generally, the mark is 1.9 mm, indicating that the tire normally uses the limit of wear. As the tire wear increases, not only the performance of the motor decreases but also the drainage of the water in the rainy days, when severe, the brake and the steering wheel fail, namely the so-called surface skidding phenomenon. Replacement should be carried out when the wear is close to or to mark position.

2.5 Check tire damage

The habit of regularly checking the tires can help to understand the damage of the tire, find the damaged part of the tire, to reduce the accident risk and improve the safety of the vehicle.

3. Top 3  best selling tires recommending


3.1 Goodyear Eagle RS-A Radial Tire – 205/55R16 89H

tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

The all-around performance of this tire is remarkable.

Corner grip is excellent, and the sidewall has enough rigidity to maintain feel during aggressive cornering. They are very quiet and smooth at high speeds. They even have a nice look to them, especially when dressed in tire shine. Excellent tire for daily driving use.

Pros :

-Lower noise

-smooth ride

-Great performing in rain, ice, snow


Cons :

-slip a bit in the rain

-A bald tire with little to virtually no tread, although solid

Customer ratings: 4.7/5

3.2  Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire – 225/45R18 95V

tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

Better tires than the ones that came with the car, and they cost a fraction of others in the market.

Excellent tire great price! Looks good and rides smooth and quiet.


Pros :

– good in the winter, good in rain

–  No slipping or loss of traction

–  A great deal of road noise

– Minimal traction in the wet

Customer ratings: 4.4/5

Cons :

– tread life little shorter

3.3  Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire – 205/55R16 91V

tire-specifications How to Buy Best Car Tires ?

These tires are quiet and stick to the road great. Recommend.

Excellent handling and starting grip.

Pros :

– smooth riding

– arrived fast

– Excellent price and they ride very smooth

– decent tire for the money

Cons :

–  a bit of noise on the highway

Customer ratings: 4.4/5


Mind your tire, Mind your life!


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