Top 5 Best GPS for Your Car 2024

Whether you are traveling a lot, or just aren’t very skillful when it comes to finding the desired location, one is for sure – you are going to need a good GPS tracker for your vehicle.

Now, you’ll probably say that you already have GPS navigation on your smart phone. But, is it that trustworthy? We think its performance cannot be compared to that of a real GPS tracking device.

So, if you’d rather play it safe, then it’s time to read this article. We will talk about 5 Best GPS for Car on the market, to help you find just the thing you need.

What is a GPS device?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and refers to the network of satellites which send exact details of their position in space down to our planet. Those signals are collected by GPS receivers (for example, navigation devices) and after that are used for calculating the exact speed, time, position, and location of a certain vehicle.

Most notable benefits of GPS tracking devices

-Contributes to the safety of your car

GPS is extremely useful in the case where your car is stolen. It will send data to the satellite receiver, and eventually, that data will be sent to the police. And, you know how they say: The rest is history.


-Easy to use

These devices are really simple to use once you learn how to do it. It only takes seconds to enter the location you want to go, and then this handy device will calculate the shortest route.


-Can save you

In the case of an emergency, a GPS device also comes in handy, sending data to the authorities and letting them know you need help.

Top 5 Best GPS For Car in Market 


1, GRM0119801 – GARMIN 010-01198-01 nuvi 55LM

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The GARMIN 010-01198-01 is the best GPS tracker that money can buy. It has a responsive touch screen and is also easy to use. Also, the screen is bright and larger; therefore, you won’t have any difficulty with reading the info.

What we love is the search field. Thanks to that, you can find what you need much faster. The Ahead feature lets you know if there are any restaurants or gas stations, so you will not have to wander around the city. On top of all, this unit is easy to upgrade.

As for the downside, this unit will be able to find you the right address by about 98%.


-bright and easy-to-read screen

-easy to use

-comes with great features

-responsive touch screen

-“Ahead” feature

-Search field


-cannot always find the address

Customer ratings:   4.6/5


 2, GarminNuvi 2589LMT 010-01187-05 – Includes GPS and Garmin Portable Friction Dash Mount

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Here we have another great GPS navigation for a car, also coming from Garmin. This unit comes with thorough maps of North America and lots of useful features.

The GarminNuvi 2589LMT makes easy work of finding the address and the map you need and want, thanks to the free lifetime update of maps and a 5-inch display.

Like with the previous model, this one also has an easy-to read display, and Foursquare Bluetooth technology ensures you stay on track with restaurants, shops, cafes, and gas stations.

So, you can travel without worrying if you will get lost. The icing on the cake is the traffic avoidance feature, which you will find very helpful.

As for the downside, the voice activation feature doesn’t work as it is supposed to, so you can’t count on it.


-comes preloaded with maps of North America

– Free lifetime update of maps

-easy to read display

– Foursquare Bluetooth technology

– traffic avoidance feature


– voice activation feature

Customer ratings:   4.4/5

3, Garminnüvi 52LM Portable Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps

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If you’re looking to buy a fast-performing GPS car tracker, this is a real deal. This device is highly accurate, giving you the right address very quickly. It even gives more or less accurate approximations about the time when you should arrive at the desired location.

The device will save a couple of addresses, making a search a bit easier. Furthermore, its battery life is good, giving you a few hours on a single charge.

No need to worry if the device will fall off from the windshield because it comes with a sturdy suction cup mount. In addition to that, you can adjust it according to your needs.

As for the downfall, this unit can give a false speed limit.


-accurate and fast

-can save a few addresses

-good battery life

– sturdy suction cup mount


-sometimes gives wrong speed limits

Customer ratings:  4.5 /5

4, GarminNuvi 57LM GPS System

81sWWXkCklL._SL1500_ Top 5 Best GPS for Your Car 2024

The GarminNuvi 57LM is a real time GPS tracker; so you can trust its guiding abilities. This device performs fast, and its screen is quick to respond. With Direct Access, the navigation will be a whole lot easier, saving your time. Muck like previous models on this list, this one also offers free lifetime map updates and search of your favorite places (whether they are restaurants or shops).

As for the downfall, the provided USB cable is very short.


-responsive display


-Garmin Real Directions

-Direct Access


-short USB  cable

Customer ratings:   4.4/5

5, Linxup OBD GPS Tracker with Real Time GPS Tracking

81sWWXkCklL._SL1500_ Top 5 Best GPS for Your Car 2024

The Linxup is the best handheld GPS because it is a breeze to install and start up. You only need to call customer service, and they will explain to you what to do. The tracking is precise, so rest assured that this unit will take you where you want.  With free GPS apps, you get unlimited text message alerts. The unit comes with a limited warranty.

On the downside, the monthly service is a bit expensive.


-simple to install and start up

-accurate tracking

– free GPS apps


-the price of monthly service

Customer ratings:   4/5


The best GPS tracker device will save your time since it gives accurate routes but also finds the best ones. Given that it comes with great features, you can go anywhere you want, knowing that you’ll always find the right way.


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