Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

Driving over rough terrain can be difficult, but it can be even more difficult without adequate lighting. Investment in quality LED off road lights allows you to have a clear vision and spot potential dangers.

The best off road lights are KC HILITES 151 Light System, which is a 100W with H3 Halogen Bulb. System Includes Complete Relay Wiring Harness, Switch Kit, and Integrated Stone Guards.

When using off road lights, they must be durable enough to withstand impact and rough use. The most popular type is the LED Light Bar, but you need to make sure the one you choose is suitable for off-road use.

Best Off Road Lights

1, KC HiLiTES 151 Apollo Pro 100w Light System

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

KC HiLiTES is a good brand. They know that they are number one on the best off road lights list for Apollo 151. These lamps come in pairs and are 100W halogen lamps that can withstand harsh roads. They are very bright, equivalent to 200,000 candlelight levels.

These sturdy lamps are made in the United States and come with an integrated stone shield to keep the rocks in the bay. The 6-inch lights are all installed in Polymax to provide additional protection. As for the bulb, it’s a 100-watt H3 halogen that can be easily replaced when burned out and has a “diffused” beam mode for better visibility in the dark.

The KC HiLiTES Apollo 151 is an excellent alternative to factory fog lamps that cannot cut the mustard on the path or road of a vehicle.  They will be installed on anything on the road and come with switch kits, and relay wiring harnesses to help you get started.

2, Auxbeam 2 piece Off-Road Light Pods

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

Auxbeam’s top off road lighting offers consumers a wide choice of style departments. You can choose a set of 4 “flood or 7” spotlights, but you can also choose 52 “large bars. We decided to use a smaller 4-inch lightbox rated at 18 watts.

This pair of LED lights are designed for consumers who need a small floor space for floodlights. They will not take up 3.9 inches x 2.8 inches x 4.2 inches of space, including mounting brackets. Despite their size, they give off a tremendous amount of light, a 60-degree beam of light on the road or path in front of you. Other specifications of interest include a colour temperature of 6000k, lumen grade of 1260-1800lm and life span of 50,000 hours. You’ll get the most out of them.

If you’re looking for small, powerful things in the market, you’ll want to consider these or their 7 “counterparts, which can act as spotlights or floodlights. There are four sizes of rods, including a 42 “curved Cross series LED Bar, which is up to 240 watts. They use CREE for all their lights and have an IP67 waterproof tag.

3, 2PACK 7″ LEDs Off-road Pods Lights Bar 51W

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

The 2PACK 7 “LED off-road light is very bright. It has seven very powerful LED circular lights that provide 5,100 lumens of pure white light. It comes with a very durable lens. The lens on the device has been proven to be dustproof and waterproof. The fantastic properties of the device enable it to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

It has an aluminium casing. Both the radial radiator and the housing of the device facilitate its rapid cooling. The 2PACK 7 “LED off-road light is universal. It is ideal for off-road driving and daytime running lights. It can also be used for tractor lighting, industrial lighting and ship lighting.

4, Cutequeen Off-Roads Light 4 by 18w 1800

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

This off-road lamp is made of aluminium. The Cutequeen has a stainless steel mounting bracket. As its name suggests, it has an 18W Cree LED and 1800 lumens. The Cutequeen off-road light comes with four light strips and a sturdy glass lens.

The cooling temperature range of Cutequeen off-road lamp is 6000-6500k. They work at temperatures between 40 and 85K. This off-road light can work for up to 50,000 hours. The manufacturer of the equipment offers a one-year warranty and 30 days of unconditional return.

5, MicTuning MIC-06F18 18W CREE Lights

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

If you haven’t noticed by now, LED Lights are very popular. They are also affordable, and if budget is an issue, you may have found your next set of off-road lights. MicTuning’s mic-06f18 lamp is an 18W spotlight, provided by CREE’s popular bulbs. They will illuminate the road ahead with a 1260 lumen point beam, and you can adjust the Angle with a flexible mounting bracket.

There are three different styles of MicTuning lamps. When we choose 18-watt spotlights, they also have a set of 18-watt floodlights. There is a 36-watt floodlight “bar”, although it is not a bar – just a couple of lights about 7 inches long. As with our other options, these lamps are waterproof and dust-resistant, and the aluminium case can be struck. Dust, moisture and road grit don’t stand a chance against this.

There’s nothing wrong with these lights, considering you can get them in many sizes, and they’re very affordable. The only adverse effect we see is their life span, as they are rated at 30,000 hours, compared to 50,000 hours for similar light bulbs.

6, Auxbeam Side Shooter LED Off Road Lights

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

Auxbeam lights are a good option for those looking for affordable off-road lights to add to their trucks or 4 x 4 vehicles. Unlike many other inexpensive alternatives available, these can be executed and used with high-quality materials.

Overall, they are the most affordable off-road lights on the market for a variety of applications. Auxbeam lights also come with all the hardware needed to install them, and they can also be adjusted to 45 degrees.

7, Hella 500 Series

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

The Hella manufacturers are known for their durable and quality off-road lights. The Hella 005750952 comes at an affordable price. It’s light in weight as so natural to set up. You simply have to mount in on your vehicle without the help of a mechanic.

Hella manufacturers are known for their durable and high-quality off-road lamps. Hella 005750952 is affordable. It is light and easy to install. You simply install it on your vehicle without the help of a mechanic.

The Hella 005750952 has other amazing features, such as protective grilles and stone shields. The colour shield of this off-road comes in various colours: blue, clear and yellow, so your car looks beautiful. Lightbar provides you with additional assurance, starting with jetsam and road floats, such as rocks. It’s a fantastic light bar that shouldn’t be missed on your car.

8, Nilight® 2 by 5Red 51w Round LED Light 7

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

These off the road driving lights are as useful as they are smooth looking. The Nilight Red 51ws Round LED Lights incorporate a red casing with a dark lodging to give an additional fresh appearance. They are substantially splendid, even in the light, settling on them an astounding decision for off road vehicles including the trucks, and SUVs. The combination of two lights can append straightforwardly to a mounting bar.

These off load driving lights away from the road are practical because they are smooth in appearance. The Nilight Red 51ws round LED light combines a red shell with a dark lodging to give an extra fresh look. Even in the light, they are quite good, which is a shocking decision for off-road vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. The combination of the two lights can be attached directly to the mounting bar.

9,  LEDKINGDOMUS off road lights

KC-HiLiTES-151-off-road-light Top 9 Best Off Road Lights in 2019

A great pack of affordable off road lights you can place in various positions around the vehicle.

The pack comes with four circular floodlights that can be mounted on the bumpers or roof of a vehicle.

Weatherproof and water-resistant enough to be used on marine craft such as boats.

Some lights in the pack may fail to work right out of the box. Fasteners can spin around if not secured properly.


Installing best off road lights is a favourite modification for enthusiasts. Improving your front vision can help you better understand the road and potential dangers. You can even install an LED light bar that is visible at the rear of the vehicle.

All of our recommendations cover a range of different types, performance ratings and course budgets. It may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, but durability can be a big problem and will cost more when they break.


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