TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Amazingly, the headlights are generally the last items motorists think about when they consider maintaining their vehicles. They find it for granted that their automobiles are fitted with the best halogen headlight bulb which will usually work. A couple of persons recognize that as time goes by, headlights fade, and become dim and generate less light. Night driving becomes more stressful and hazardous as visibility diminishes.

Rather than blame the road conditions for your trouble, consider that your headlights are not as clear and bright as they were in the beginning. It is time to change your dim bulbs with a new one or better yet, upgrade to a high-performance halogen bulb. Your car will give thanks to you for this.

Things to Consider When Choose Halogen Headlight Bulbs

The marketplace has cheap and powerful halogen headlight bulbs for any light if you choose right. Each of these halogen headlight bulb reviews is for a lamp fit for particular assistance. Before paying for your halogen headlight bulb, you have to consider it’s a capability, time and type of support. Here are the factors to consider before selecting your best headlight bulbs.

The Wattage

This is the power needed from your car battery to maximum light up your halogen headlight bulb. In many situations, the wattage is 55W, but if it is higher, you have to make sure it conforms to your car’s stock guidelines. Low wattage means a weaker light. Nevertheless, an extremely high wattage will melt your car’s wiring. The best halogen headlights should have the real wattage with directives from the producer on compatible wiring systems.

The colour temperature

When buying a halogen headlight bulb, you need to check the colour temperature, measured in kelvins and determines the type and power of the beam released by the halogen bulb. 3000K and below means a yellow light which is generally extremely dim. 3000 to 4000k will give a white light with those above 4000k providing a stronger white light. Some halogen headlight bulbs may not stick the colour temperature label. You can ask the manufacturer or check customer support to find the light. This guideline reviews only the best halogen headlight bulb with a white light emission for clear night viewing.

Dual upgrade and availability of replacement

Halogen headlight bulbs light using argon and nitrogen gas with modern versions including xenon for a whiter light. This means the bulb becomes dim with time as the gas burns at a high temperature. The lamp deposits a black residue on the filament with continuing use producing the bulb grow dimmer and dimmer. You should be capable of replacing both bulbs at the same period for a standard light from both the right and left headlight when driving.

Automobile compatibility and ease of installation

Which wiring plug is your vehicle appropriate for? Philips and Sylvania are well-known for diversifying their halogen headlight bulbs for many car versions. Nevertheless, you need to check whether the lamp will plug into an H4 or H13 wiring and fit into the housing properly. A loose bulb vibrates a lot when you drive leading to the bulb to burn out prematurely.
The bulb should be accompanied by an installation manual as well. This halogen bulb review provides all the plug and makes use of choices that do not require tools to install the halogen headlight bulb.

Legal compliance

The DOT and other government agencies have guidelines on the level of glare your headlight can emit.
Although many halogen headlight bulbs conform to these guidelines, some imported headlight bulbs may need a minor adjustment. Most high wattage bulbs may exceed the necessary limit making them particularly suitable for off-road.
The producer should particularly explain the compliance actions of the bulb as a component of the manual installation package.

What Are The Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs?

1, Philips H11 – Simple For Use on Many Vehicles

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

The H11 from Philips is a halogen bulb that is produced with the same standards that are used by car producers for creating a robust and brilliant light. The convenient style of this bulb provides an excellent surface for use while becoming easy to use.

The 12-volt 55W design of the halogen light produces a tremendous amount of power for ensuring the bulbs will last for years at a time. The light setup also works well with a solid body that will not crack apart. This works better if you assure the bulb is guaranteed tight and is not heading to slide out in a couple of occasions. This is essential for assisting you in obtaining the most out of your work.

Pros :

Provides long life for power

The convenient design is easy to install

Not hard to make use of in any situation

Cons :

You have to avoid touching the glass when getting the bulb to work for you

May dim over time


2, PIAA 17655 H7 Xtreme White Plus High-Performance Halogen Bulbs

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

There are a variety of options for standard halogen light bulbs. Famous car parts manufacture PIAA is leading the way with its 17655 model for innovative features.

Perhaps the best of these features is its patented XTRA technology, which reduces power consumption while increasing brightness. Running only 55 watts – an almost unheard-of halogen bulb – they produce the same amount of light as a 115-watt headlamp.

The lower wattage means less heat inside the headlamp, which extends its life by 17655. This also means you don’t have to worry about damaging the large plastic lampshade.

PIAA also tries to keep prices low by selling this model in 2 packs so that you can replace two bulbs at the same time. This also ensures more uniform headlights, which is essential for your safety.

Replacing two headlight bulbs at the same time ensures that one lamp is not dimmer than the other, which can cause vision problems while driving.

The only significant product here is all halogen bulbs. Because they use actual metal filaments, they burn more quickly than HID and LED options. The lower power consumption cancels this out!


Extremely bright, clear 4000K white light

Reduced power consumption through XTRA technology

Two bulbs packaged together to increase convenience and reduce the price

Lower heat for increased longevity

Less likely to melt plastic headlight covers. 

No need for conversion if your ride was already set up for best halogen headlight bulb in the factory


Shorter lifespan than HID or LED options

Higher power consumption than LED bulbs


3, Sylvania XtraVision 9007

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

If you’re looking for the cheapest halogen headlights, please see XtraVisions. Oh, just because they’re inexpensive doesn’t mean they’re crappy bulbs.

These still perform better than many other halogen lamps, especially older halogen lamps. While these globes aren’t too fancy, they may be perfect for car owners who want to enhance their lighting without any added features. 


You get a quality product from a respected brand, at a meager price

The light shines more yellow than white. If you prefer sticking to the old look, these are the best option

“Casts” your headlight a long distance

They don’t create glare than can irritate your eyes or others on the road

Legal for use on public roads

Manufactured by a trusted OEM company

12-month customer satisfaction guarantee on the headlights


If you’re looking for bulbs that shine white or blue, these lights are not the answer

Lifespan can be less than other more expensive bulbs

4, HELLA H7 Standard Halogen Bulb, 12 V, 55W

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews


Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

The HELLA H7 halogen bulb is the original headlight bulb that works effectively for most people. H7 is easy to install, very cheap, and comes with a suitable instruction set that will help you along the way.

Besides, the H7 is bright and has a long service life, and many models can be purchased to extend the life or brightness. Most people don’t need to use these variants to take full advantage of these headlights.

You’ll find that H7 can be installed quickly and easily with the help of an instruction set. Although the low price of these bulbs may disappoint you, you can rest assured that they are of a high quality due to their standardized construction.

Pros :


Easy to install

Good instruction set

Cons :

Can be confusing to purchase

Few special features

5, Philips X-treme Vision +130% Headlight Bulbs

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

The X-treme Vision is one of the brightest and whitest remote headlight bulbs on the market. This bulb has everything: whiteness, range, width, and sheer brightness. If you are looking for high-end headlight bulbs that use halogens, this is the right bulb.

The bulb’s range is 147 feet longer than other lamps of the same size. That’s a big difference! Most other “remote” headlamp bulbs offer only a few dozen feet or so. On your first night drive, you can tell you are using these powerful bulbs.

The brightness and range of these bulbs cannot be ignored, but another notable feature of these bulbs is whiteness. The whiteness of the bulbs can be seen from a distance, and the purity of the colours makes anyone who looks at them feel good.

Night photography is also more natural by using headlights as a source of light.

Pros :

Packed with additional power

Pure white light

Cons :

Tends to heat up more than other headlight bulbs


6, The GE Nighthawk Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

GE titanium coated bulbs are one of the brightest halogen headlight bulbs on the market. The skirt coating is perfectly integrated with the platinum sphere to maximize the whiteness of the beam. These are HI-LO halogen light bulbs that can be installed on any H4,9004 to 9007 halogen housing and can be quickly installed.

The bulb has an extra thin filament and tube to hold more halogen gas, which generates a lot of energy when started up. They consume 12v and have a low starting voltage, allowing your car to achieve high contrast lighting while the battery has almost no pressure.GE provides a limited warranty on Nighthawk bulbs.

The platinum shell gives the bulb an elegant appearance in sunlight. GE uses a standard quartz glass case with an aluminized base to make the bulbs, which emit a lot of heat in a short time to ensure safety.GE halogen bulbs’ glare reduction makes them safe and DOT compliant, but the side view isn’t detailed. They are still standard prices and are designed to achieve bright beams in off-road mode.


The anti heating focus of the compressed polymer and aluminium base makes the bulbs a safe option for heavy-duty service.

A titanium cap coating that maximizes the whiteness of the light nearly twice the size of factory bulbs.



7,  Philips Vision Upgrade headlight bulbs

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips Vision upgraded headlight bulbs in a pack of two, making it one of the highest-rated headlight bulbs in the automotive category. You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes by directly entering the model and year of manufacture of the car or vehicle. You may have heard of Philips, which enjoys a high reputation all over the world.

Using Philips Vision upgraded bulbs, you can get up to 30% improved Vision ahead. This bulb is better than standard halogen bulbs. Light bulbs provide comfort and durability, and they are also DOT compliant.

Do not touch the glass during installation to prevent you from using gloves or paper towels when handling new bulbs. The model size is 5.1 inches x 1.4 inches x 5.1 inches, especially when driving at night; they have excellent performance.


Excellent performance

Good visibility

Easy to install

Cons :

Life cycle could be longer

8, Philips VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews


Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips VisionPlus headlight bulb provides you with a central beam of light, making the road full and visible. It’s valuable at night because you can see the road better. If you frequently travel at night, they can be the right solution.

Philips bulbs are best placed; they are neither too high nor too low. It gives you a chance to avoid objects because you can spot them from a distance. With this device, you can get up to 60% visibility on the road compared to standard halogen headlights. The seal provides the opportunity to extract maximum performance. The bulb is DOT compliant, easy to install options, and perfect beam mode.

The project measures 1.9in x 5.1in x 5in, and the watt bulb is 60 watts. The bulbs are brighter and less expensive, which is a right choice if you don’t want to bother other drivers. So if you’re looking for the best halogen headlight bulb h11 or any different size, this is the right choice. Philips is one of the best halogen bulb brands, it depends on the buyer’s needs and budget, but they are the right choice.

Pros :

Compatible with many vehicles

Good overall impression

Good and affordable

Cons :

Not too bright for several buyers

9, Philips X-tremeVision Upgrade Bulb

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips-H11-Halogen-Headlight-Bulb TOP 9 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews

Philips x-treme Vision light bulb is the first product worthy of our list. If you use this bulb to upgrade headlights, if you compare this bulb to a halogen bulb, the visibility of the road in front of you will increase by one per cent. Philips is an auto parts company with a long history. You will make no mistake if you order this model.

Philips x-treme Vision light bulb is the ideal solution for anyone who regularly drives at night. With a sealed bulb that provides superior performance, you will get the best performance at the best price. The lamps comply with DOT standards, and you should always replace the bulb sets at the same time. If you use x-Xtreme Vision bulbs for your vehicle, it will be more visible.

The product size is 4.5 inches, x 4.7 inches x 1.3 inches. It has 55 watts of power and weighs just 0.8 ounces. Be sure to order the right size bulbs, as you will have trouble installing the wrong type of headlights. Do not touch the glass directly during installation. Wear gloves. The lamp has high performance and maximum visibility. According to buyers who are very happy with Philips x-Xtreme Vision bulbs, they are excellent and reasonably priced. That’s a reason to give them a chance.

Pros :

Easy to install

Works very good

Really bright

Cons :

Some buyers noted that the bulb could be brighter


Make sure to find best halogen headlight bulb that will work well with your vehicle. Finding the right headlights is crucial to making sure your car stays adequately lit. As you learn about content that is easy to manipulate and use, pay attention to what you can find so you can see where you are on the road.

Note the differences between LED, HID and halogen lights. You must use the right type of light to ensure that the bulbs you use work properly and therefore meet your needs. It’s all about providing the best driving experience you can find in any situation you encounter.



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