Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

The bull bar is called the most “presence” off-road vehicle modification project. In addition to allowing your off-road vehicle’s temperament to increase sharply, it can also effectively increase the approach angle and improve the protection. Moreover, after installing the bull bar, The arrangement of the winch and auxiliary lights has also become pure.

1, Protection Comes First (ARB Bull Bar)

There are a lot of bull bar products on the market, but I believe most riders have not bypassed the ARB when choosing the front bumper.

From the absolute face value to the detailed workmanship, from the design of multiple bends and upturns and tapered wrap angles to the unique fixed components developed for the collision characteristics of different models, the ARB bull bar has an unshakable in the off-road modification circle.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

With the changes of some hardcore off-road vehicles in recent years, ARB’s bull bar products are becoming more and more refined, and the styles are becoming more and more abundant.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024


The so-called “one bar covers all ugliness”, ARB’s pinnacle bull bar is popular with its “domineering exposed” reloading gesture.

In the country where kangaroos are rampant, the thick 60mm diameter steel pipe can provide the most extreme Protection for the mid-net and headlights, and can also be used as a platform for auxiliary lights and antennas.

Another advantage of the bull bar front bumper is that it can be used with ARB pedals to install side guards to protect the fender and wheel eyebrow area, especially on narrow forest roads or rocky trails.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

The bull bar looks like a tiger, but in a country where kangaroos are rare, it may only be necessary to pass through the player to need such a level of Protection. After all, the weight of the bull bar is staggering, and it is not worthwhile to sacrifice face weight and control in exchange for face value.


The front bumper of the Saharan style is a lot of low-key. The simple and rude upper tube plays a certain degree of Protection, but also shows most of the features of the original car’s front face. If the upper tube is too cumbersome, it can be removed.

The part of the bar body is the same as the style of the bullpen. The anti-collision block, the fog light position, the LED running light, the jack prop, and the air intake grille that can open the window are all intact.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

If the bull bar front bumper and the square-shaped off-road vehicle are versatile, then the Sahara model is more suitable for those hardcore SUVs with more complicated lines and a more modern atmosphere.


The biggest problem of the two steel front bumpers above is the weight. With the winch and auxiliary lights behind it, the weight of the car is 100 kg at the front. Let alone the impact on the suspension system and power; the heavy feeling of daily control makes many players unacceptable.

Then there is the bullpen front bar made of aluminum alloy, which has the domineering outline of the bullpen and is nearly 30 kilograms lighter than the traditional steel bullpen, which is the weight of a winch.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

To ensure the strength, the fixed component connected to the truss still uses a steel structure, and because of this, the maximum winch tension allowed by the front bar has not decreased.

Although ARB claims that the Protection of this aluminum alloy railing is still excellent, it does not provide a jack prop and does not support the installation of side guards. And in the event of a collision, its later maintainability is undoubtedly not as good as the steel front bumper.

In addition to this, this front bumper only offers a bright silver option, and the remarkably smooth surface is not friendly to later painting, so it may be more challenging to match with the body.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

The higher price and more refined design make it inevitably not as hard as the steel front bumper. Still, the absolute advantage of the aluminum alloy railing in weight will also be used by the majority of ordinary off-road players. The scene brings a better experience.

2, Adapt to Local Conditions (MR Bull Bar)

The Australian front bumper is bulky and cumbersome due to the Protection it needs to provide when hitting wild animals head-on. These are cumbersome for people who do not need such Protection.

If you don’t have a cold for heavy-duty rides, then the original bumper style front bumper that has been popular in recent years may be your dish.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

In most of the domestic off-road environments, the main threat to the front bumper comes from the terrain itself, that is, when the approach angle reaches the limit, the front bumper can withstand the scratch and protect the components in the cabin. The fragile Surrounding the original factory is impossible.

MR’s several front bumpers have adopted a trapezoidal split design, mainly to replace the original factory. The bumper body continues the original car lines and retains the front face style, and then through the additional strengthened lower guard plate, substantially Improve approach angle and Protection.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

In contrast, with its lower profile and higher cost performance, MR is the best choice for players who intend to “light up” and pay more attention to vehicle flexibility.

3, Front Bumper Products of Urban SUV

With the advancement of industrial technology, the gap between the load-bearing body and the trapezoidal beam in the off-road area is gradually narrowing, and more and more urban SUVs have begun to advertise that they have specific off-road capabilities. However, even if equipped with a more advanced four-wheel-drive system, if the “physique” can not keep up, it is bound to be a “talk on paper.”

The above-mentioned front bumper products are all fixed based on the beams of off-road vehicles. For urban SUVs with load-bearing bodies, it is always a problem to improve the approach angle and Protection.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

For the development of the front bumper of these models, naturally, the front face of the original car will not be drastically modified, but only the bumpiest part of the off-road process will be replaced.

The advantage of this is that it can increase the off-road practicality, without destroying the overall shape of the original car, or causing too much impact on daily driving.

In addition to improving the approach angle and providing a certain degree of Protection, such as free light, which has a reinforced longitudinal beam and a more “physical” model, even a winch can be installed inside the front bar.

bull-bars Best Bull Bar For Off-Road and Trucks in 2024

Considering that the city SUV still has to shuttle through the city most of the day, the configuration functions of the original car’s radar and ACC should also be included in the functional design of the front bumper.

Although these front bumper products can not necessarily improve the off-road capability of an urban SUV, they are also enough to allow those riders who usually travel around the city to go further and play wilder in their spare time.


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