Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

When it comes to car audio installation, most people think of your standard sound system that comes straight off the assembly line. But as true music aficionados know, these systems often only play out the mid-tones of any given song, leaving many sound junkies yearning for something more.

While subwoofers are a popular addition to any car sound system to round out that lower register, those high notes often get overlooked (cue a shudder from Van Halen). In order to achieve that coveted balance, you need to consider installing car tweeters as well, which will give you a crisp, full-bodied sound.

If you’re considering new car stereo installation in San Diego, then tweeters should definitely be on top of your list as you hunt for the right equipment. Since we know it often takes hours of research to find just the right products (not only from a sound quality perspective but in terms of vehicle compatibility as well), we’re highlighting the top 10 best car audio tweeters currently on the market.

The Best Car Audio Tweeters

1. Infinity Kappa 10.11T 3/4″ Soft Dome Tweeters-Pair

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

With superior sensitivity and excellent musicality, audiophiles will fall in love with the sound sophistication these soft-dome tweeters provide. The 93 decibels at 2.83 volts/1 meter deliver excellent volume without overpowering the entire audio system. If you want quality, balanced sound with clear tones, the Infinity Kappa 10.11T 3/4″ tweeters are for you.


Easy flush mounting or surface mounting

93 dB sensitivity

2-ohm impedance

Outboard computer-optimized crossovers

150 watts peak power


Not ideal for off-road vehicle

2. Infinity REF-275tx 135W Reference Series Edge-Driven Textile Car Tweeters

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

Outdoing themselves once again, Infinity has created one of the most powerful tweeters on the market with the Infinity REF-275tx 135W Reference Series Edge-Driven Textile Car Tweeters. With 45 watts of RMS power, you’ll want to crank the volume up and the windows down. Since these are edge-driven textile tweeters, you can happily rock out to bolder high notes and crystal-clear sound.


135-watt peak power with 45-watt RMS power

2,500-21,000 Hz high-frequency response range

2,500 passive inline crossovers included

Large area woofer cone


Not suited for small vehicles

3. Kicker 43CST204 3/4″ Titanium Dome Cs-Series Car Tweeters

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

If you’re looking for big sound, but your car stereo system has smaller amplifiers, then these are the tweeters for you. Don’t let their compact size fool youa sleek 4-ohm design boasts up to 50 watts of RMS. The titanium speaker heads offer durability and crisp, quality highs.


High-quality titanium domes

External passive high-pass crossover included (6dB per octave at 4,500 Hz)

2-50 watts RMS (100 watts peak power)

4,500-21,000 Hz high-frequency response range


The crossover slope is -6dB

No mesh covering on the domes

4. Rockford Fosgate P1T-S Punch 1″ Tweeter Kit (Pair)

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

From one of the top brands in car audio equipment, Rockford Fosgate’s P1T-S Punch 1″ Tweeters provide natural sound reproduction while packing a Punch. These tweeters are a great option to round out your car stereo’s sound with clarity and bright tones.


One-inch PEI dome tweeter

6-60 watts RMS power (80 watts peak)

90dB sensitivity

Separate passive crossovers


Not as loud as some other models

May hiss or crackle at higher volumes

5. Pioneer TS-T110 7/8-Inch Hard-Dome Tweeter (Pair)

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

Hit the high notes with these light and responsive dome tweeters. Despite their slightly lower power output, you’ll still hear a dramatic improvement in your overall sound. Experience brightness and balance in your music’s high vocals with this tweeter pair that goes the distance.


4-ohm voice coils

PPTA fluid cooled hard-dome design

2,500-30,000 Hz high-frequency response range

7,000 Hz high-pass in-line crossovers (6dB/octave)


Highs aren’t as sharp

6. Polk Audio DB1001 1-Inch Silk/Polymer Composite Dome Tweeters

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

Polk Audio is here with these one-inch tweeters to prove that great things can come in small packages. Experience the high-frequency shimmer these little guys provide as their liquid-cooled domes pull out even the subtlest nuances in your favorite tracks. And an added bonus? Their silk/polymer dome construction means added durabilitythey’re even marine certified.


120 watts RMS with 370 watts peak power

Extremely durable and marine certified

Neodymium magnet

1” liquid-cooled silk/polymer dome

High-quality, smooth sound


No built-in attenuation settings

Lower frequency limit can cause compatibility issues

7. Alpine SPR-10TW 1-inch Silk Ring Dome Car Audio Component Tweeters

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

Do you really like to crank it up? From yet another industry leader in superior car audio equipment come Alpine’s SPR-10TW 1-inch silk ring dome car audio component tweeters. The unique silk dome’s EQ ring design significantly improves sound quality, dispersing the highs and giving you a fuller, richer sound. Plus, these tweeters can easily handle lots of volume.


Excellent sound reproduction

External crossovers with 4-way level control

5-150 watts RMS power (450 watts peak power)

Good attenuation settings


Low sensitivity

Not suitable for car stereos with an external amp

8. JBL GTO19T Premium 0.75-Inch Component Tweeter – Set of 2

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

If you’re looking for tweeters that pump up the volume without sucking loads of power, these JBLs are just the ticket. Their edge-driven soft-dome design improves sound dispersion for enhanced clarity, while the 3-ohm impedance allows them to draw more power from your car audio system. You can crank it up without worry knowing that sound integrity will remain intact even at high volumes.


Superior power handling

¾” soft-dome tweeters with built-in crossover networks

5-45 watts power handling (135 watts peak power)

3-ohm impedance


Can overheat after prolonged use

Small magnets

9. BOSS Audio TW15 250 Watt (Per Pair), 1 Inch Car Tweeters, 2 Crossovers

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

It’s time to get serious about volume. For those of you who like to listen to your tunes at levels that leave your ears ringing, these BOSS Audio TW15 250 watt tweeters deliver just that. A 125-watt RMS power rating combined with their 4-ohm impedance means exquisite sound at even the highest levels of listening.


1” polyimide dome tweeter pair

250-watt max power handling (per pair)

4-ohm impedance


Not particularly long-lasting

10. Power Acoustik NB-2 200-Watt 3-Way Tweeters

Infinity-Kappa-Tweeters- Top 10 Best Car Audio Tweeters in 2021

Rounding out our top 10 list is this tweeter pair that lets you take your music wherever you go. Power Acoustik designed these compact tweeters specifically to mount on a motorbike. You’ll enjoy even the subtlest high notes with great clarity, and at a volume that easily drowns out the noises of the open road. The built-in Niobium magnets ensure zero magnetic field disturbance, while the exceptional high-frequency response doesn’t obstruct the mid-range frequencies.


Niobium (Ferroelectric Transducer) magnets

4-ohm impedance

200-watt peak power (per pair)

Polypropylene diaphragm

Can be mounted on a motorbike


Slight sound distortion at lower volumes

May hiss


The bottom line? You really can’t go wrong with any of these exceptional tweetersit all comes down to how you like your sound. Of course, it isn’t always a simple task to find car stereo equipment that gives you everything you want and is compatible with your vehicle’s current sound system. To ensure compatibility and quality installation, seek out an expert in car audio installation to help make the process and your sound smooth and seamless.

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