Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Whether you want to buy an electric grease gun, a pneumatic grease gun, or any other kind, we advise you to go with well-known brands to spend your money wisely. That is why we wrote this article to help you find the best grease gun for your equipment.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Grease Gun

Yeah, I understand. Grease guns do quite a bit to increase your maintenance jobs. Whether it’s a car or a small DIY project, getting the perfect device around to lubricate the joints makes all of the difference.

But here lies a question: “Which is the perfect device for you?”

Well, in all honesty, it is the one that satisfies your preferences to the utmost level. Also, you can determine one if it ticks the next boxes on your checklist:

1.Ease of use:

Do you know what the trickiest part of all is?

It is when you can’t find out what exactly you need a greasing or lubricator tool for. Determining your project’s design is the essential thing one needs to do. Choosing a grease gun that fits your applications comes later.

For example: if you are searching for a tool to lubricate your DIY equipment, a “Mini Grease Gun” ought to be the tool for the trade. A lot of us value portability more than anything else. Cordless and battery-powered ones will likely suit your needs.

For garage and workshop owners, an excellent mixture of manual and automotive grease guns must do the trick. Large scale jobs need a grease gun you can get.

2.Features you need:

While you have to determine the usage of this tool, you have to figure out what type of perks and features you want in your grease gun as well.

Not all grease guns or lubricators come with the same level of effectiveness and benefits. Not even within the same brand. Based on your workload, you have to figure out how much grease you need each day. This, in turn, determines just how big or spacious the cylinder of your device would be.

If you own a workshop, for instance, you’ll require a grease gun that has a high lubricator intake rather than the regular ones that use regular cartridges.

Professional garage owners prefer perks like an extended reach, little nozzles that reach hardest corners; high-pressure grease disperses, and more. These are gems you get with high-end grease guns. They can cause you a couple of extra bucks but are worth the price tag.

3. Performance You Expect:

I’m skilled enough to explain the differences between a conventional greasing gun and a single for commercial use. Based on the purpose you are using it for, the performance graph can vary.

In any case, my advice is always to take a look at how quickly and effectively a grease gun could be loaded. Also, the accuracy of the device comes into play.

I monitor the grease volume in the cartridges that these things use. The more, the better. Loading grease ought to be a breeze if you are working. Spraying the lubricant too late when you are busy loading the stuff can ruin most delicate jobs.

Do you know what the easiest way of gauging the performance level of your greasing device is? Well, you need to continue grease gun reviews and the manufacturer’s reputation.

Grease Guns Types

There are two basic grease gun types: manual pump grease guns and automatic pump grease guns.

1.Manual pump grease guns

A manual pump grease releases grease when you squeeze it together with your hand. It has a spring-loaded piston pump that, Generally, pushes the grease from a pre-loaded cartridge through the nozzle.

The manual pump sometimes comes with an extension hose to obtain smaller spaces. Some manual pump grease guns could be refilled from bulk grease rather than cartridges.

2.Automatic pump grease guns

Under the automatic pump grease gun umbrella, you’ll find both electric and pneumatic grease guns. These guns work by pulling a finger trigger. They’re quicker for applications where you have a whole lot of factors to grease.

Lastly, never, ever leave the grease gun pressurized when not in use. Now that we’ve covered some basics of proper care. 

Best Grease Gun Buying Guide

 1, DEWALT DCGG571M1 20-volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Coming from DeWalt, this gun promises durability and excellent performance. We all know that DeWalt is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to making top-notch tools, so no doubt that this DeWalt gun is a sound investment.

With 10,000 psi, the motor is very powerful, so you can use this gun for lubricating all kinds of equipment, both for moderate and heavy-duty jobs. Also, a long hose allows for easy and quick access to those hard to reach areas.

The unit is precise, thanks to the fittings, so you will easily lubricate the tools, without leaving a mess. On top of all, battery life is long-lasting.

However, it should be noted that this is one sturdy grease gun, and as such, it might be too heavy for some people. 


-long-lasting battery

-can easily reach hard to reach areas

-powerful motor

-won’t leave a mess


-some people consider it very heavy

2, Lincoln Lubrication 1844 18 Volt Cordless Grease Gun with 2 Batteries

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Here we have one more battery grease gun that won’t let you down. We are talking about the Lincoln grease gun – one of the best that money can buy. With a 2-speed transmission, you get to choose the pressure and volume for the best results.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about overloading, thanks to dual overload protection. The unit is well built, and the casting is extremely durable, making this Grease gun a smart investment. A high-torque motor makes an easy work of lubricating bulky machines and equipment.

But, for the downside, the battery life is not as durable as with the DeWalt gun, which can be a problem for some heavy-duty jobs.

Overall, this tool is a great choice for anyone who needs a grease gun for doing projects around the house.


-2-speed transmission

-Dual overload protection

-Powerful motor


-Not a good choice for heavy-duty jobs due to the battery

3, Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2446-20 M12 Cordless Grease Gun (Tool Only, No Battery)

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Our third product is a cordless grease gun – easy to maneuver and use. With an ergonomic design and a balanced handle, the unit is not too heavy. Also, this is a 12V grease gun, making it ideal for easy lubrication of your favorite tools.

With seven grease cartridges on a single charge, this unit will save your time, which is great. The Air Bleeder Valve is designed with speed in mind, so lubricating the equipment will be smooth. However, the tool uses lots of pressure, so you will have to careful not to over grease the equipment.

Even though the package includes a grease gun hose with spring guard, grease couple, and of course, the tool itself, you don’t get the battery and a charger.


-easy to use

-balanced handle

-ergonomic design

-Seven grease cartridges on a single charge


-doesn’t come with the battery and a charger

-the equipment can easily be over greased if the tool is not used carefully

4, Lincoln Lubrication 14.4 Volt Powerluber Kit – 2 Batteries

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Well, here we the best battery-powered grease gun that will significantly cut lubrication time. You will love everything about the Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun, from its sturdy construction to its precision.

Because of its design and a hose, the unit can be easily pointed to all kinds of fittings. It makes it a versatile choice, and as such, this tool is ideal if you have lots of equipment. Made of superior materials, the grease gun is robust yet easy to use.

Furthermore, a built-in motor overload protection ensures that your grease gun lasts for years. The unit comes with two batteries, but they won’t last very long.




-will easily reach unapproachable areas



-the batteries aren’t very durable

5, Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun, Grease Needle Nozzle and Coupler

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Last but not least. Once again, we have a  gun from Lincoln Lubrication. This one is an excellent choice for those on a budget since the package includes a grease gun coupler, a holder, and a grease needle nozzle.

First, this unit is a breeze to assemble, so no need to worry about that. Next, it is well-built, like other guns from this manufacturer, so if you take proper care of it, this tool could last you for decades.

What you will appreciate about this tool is that you can easily tune it to various grease gun fittings, which is a huge bonus. Nevertheless, when you load the grease gun for the first time, the pressure needs to be released to get things going. This part is not included in the instructions, which some users find annoying.


-simple to assemble




-instructions lack some details regarding the first use of the tool

6, Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

For heavy-duty work, you need a durable device! This durable, pistol-designed grease gun has a sturdy metal barrel and chrome finish to prevent corrosion. Equipped with an 18-inch hose, it can reach anywhere you need and is easy to transport. Another great feature of the gun is the three-way loading system. You can choose to use a cartridge, suction, or grease pump. It’s your decision!

The original ergonomically designed T-handle provides convenient handling in any position as the driven rod provides a brilliant seal that prevents any grease from being bypassed. Combined with an 18-inch extension tube, the grease gun is also equipped with four hardened claw-shaped hydraulic couplers.

Pros :

-Equipped with air bleeder valve to vent air pockets

-Heavy 18 gauge steel barrel assures durability

Cons :

-The nozzle tip locked on to the nipple of  mower spindle sometimes

7, GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun 

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Pistol style grease guns are the most popular on the market. Durable, easy to take care of, and reliable; these handy gadgets are safe for any mechanic. This GreaseTek premium pistol grip gun includes an 18-inch hose with fasteners and an extra extension tube filled with coupler.

This wonderful tool also has a unique plunger design for easy loading and starting, and has a dual-position grease loader, ideal for accessing a variety of different positions. An automatic grease gun has many functions. This brilliant but straightforward grease gun is a must-have.

Pros :

-Includes bleeder valve and bulk filer valve

-Dual-positioning grease loader for multiple positions

Cons :

-It tends to leak slightly even when pressure is let off the tube.

8, Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Regarding this Alemite, this operational difference is a good thing, because its lever mechanism is better at compressing air. With a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi, the Alemite 500-E can generate up to 3 ounces of flow with 21 strokes. What’s more, this lubricating gun is equipped with a 16-ounce fuel tank, which can be filled with lubricant in three different ways. You can use 14-ounce cartridges through suction to pump from the aftermarket Alemite loader.

Regarding its construction quality, the Alemite 500-E will not disappoint because of its attention to detail. This high-pressure grease gun is equipped with a vinyl-covered handle that maximizes retention and die-casting of the aluminum head for optimal durability and weight. The Alemite 500-e also has a drain valve. It is probably its most important safety feature because it helps prevent explosions. This vital component protects the guy from excess pressure that cannot be placed in a cylinder.

Pros :

-Lots of force for fewer strokes means quicker period on the task

-The simple lever mechanism is simple to use

Cons :

-Not the right choice for heavy-duty work

-Tend to clog and jam with heavier lubricants

9, Lucas Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Aluminium Grease Gun

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

Best-Grease-Gun-DEWALT-1 Top 9 Best Grease Gun Review in 2024

It is one of the top quality grease guns in the marketplace. It has an excellent working pressure of 3,600 PSI. If you’re in a bind, you may utilize its max pressure level of 6000 PSI. Not just that, but this gun is rust free due to its anodized aluminum barrel. Not only that, but the head is exceptionally durable, created from die-cast aluminum.

Now, not only do both of these features make it last a considerably long time, but it also makes it very lightweight. For practical purposes, it runs on the regular 14-ounce cartridge.

However, a few have reported that it’s difficult to inject anything. This might, however, be only a subjective and straightforward concern.

Pros :

-Excellent pressure level – 3600PSI to 6000PSI

-Aluminum alloys make it very lightweight but also rust-free and durable

Cons :

-Some have reported that it’s difficult to press the pistol grip.


With the best grease gun, taking care of your equipment will be much easier. Not only will you save your time but you will also save some money because your equipment will last longer. Whichever product from our list you choose, you will be happy with a purchase, since they all provide an excellent value for the money.



Why Should You Take Care of a Grease Gun?

Whether you have a workshop or just want to do some projects around your house, your tools need to work well. The tools need to be Lubricated with a grease gun. However, not all of us realize the importance of having this handy tool by your side.

Namely, a grease gun will make a perfect addition to your toolkit, which is why you need to take care of it properly. That being said, here are some tips to help you keep it in good condition.

  • First of all – patience

First, you have to learn when enough is enough. Meaning, don’t under grease or over grease the fittings because that will seriously hinder the tool’s performance.

Then, when you are done with greasing, don’t be lazy, but clean a grease gun thoroughly to prolong its life.

  • Secondly – cool your gun down

Next, when it comes to storing, keep in mind that this tool cannot withstand high temperatures. So, keep it in a cool and dry place. Also, when not in use, cover the grease gun with a towel or a cloth to prevent dust collecting on it.

How To Load a Grease Gun Properly?

Before you use a grease gun, you need to figure out how to load the cartridge. This may seem like a  simple task, but it is important. It determines whether your grease comes out from the nozzle.

Loading a cartridge the wrong way might cause an airflow lock, which then blocks the grease from moving. Getting rid of airlocks can be quite frustrating; thus, it is easier to prevent them entirely by loading the cartridge correctly.

Before starting loading your cartridge, you must have the relevant material. First, you must have a grease gun, a fresh grease cartridge, and latex gloves to avoid getting the grease around your hands. Proceed to separate the grease gun head from the barrel.

Once that is done, take away the remaining grease from the barrel and pack it onto the head to prevent any kind of airlocks. The next step is to screw in the new cartridge into the barrel. Once it is seating on the head, turn it back about two turns to release the spring pressure. Your new grease cartridge is currently loaded, and any air flow will bleed from the loose threads.

 Interesting for other automotive tools, check here for more!



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